Lessons from the book of Philemon – Olubusola Seyi – Ajayi

The book of Philemon has a triangular structure and focuses on three characters which are Philemon, Paul and Onesimus with Paul at the centre. Philemon was a man of faith, a lover of God and God’s people and also pastored a church in his home in Colosse. He was a partner with Paul in the…… Continue reading Lessons from the book of Philemon – Olubusola Seyi – Ajayi

Plan to Attend

I Humbly Invite All Drama Ministers Who desire to Experience the Total Manifestations of His Power in 2020, to Attend this Empowerment Retreat. This is the 7th Edition and the Lord has been meeting with us each time we gather at Habitation of Faith for this Glorious Retreat. Secrets of Ministerial Success are Revealed to…… Continue reading Plan to Attend

Love Quotes by The Messenger

1. Love protects the integrity of God’s word. 2. A man/woman who substitutes the passions of the flesh for LOVE, is a man/woman devoid of understanding, and a candidate for the snare. 3. Show me a man/woman who loves, then I will show you a man/woman hidden in Jesus Christ. 4. Love looses its meaning,…… Continue reading Love Quotes by The Messenger