WORD FOR TODAY [2/01/2022]

“Make a contract with God today and in this new year to not say negative things about yourself. Don’t say, “I’m so stupid. I never do anything right. I’m fat. I’m ugly.” Say, “I am POWERFUL, SMART, ANOINTED, CREATIVE, BEAUTIFUL and I’m a CHILD OF GOD.” – Pst. Joyce Meyer

Engaging Kingdom Priority Stewardship – Pastor Folorunsho Paul

DAY 4: HOUR OF VISITATION – FIRST TEACHING Bible Verse: Matt. 6:33 Kingdom stewardship is one of our accesses to a life of more than a conqueror. Being more than a conqueror means you are not struggling, yet you are possessing your possessions. Kingdom stewardship is a tireless investment of your time, energy, resources and…… Continue reading Engaging Kingdom Priority Stewardship – Pastor Folorunsho Paul

#BookChallenge: 30 SECRETS TO THE TOP – Dr Paul Enenche

30 SECRETS TO THE TOP, is a book authored by the Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre (DIGC), Dr Paul Enenche. The book seeks to unravel secrets, backed up by spiritual principles responsible for propelling people to the pinnacle of their endeavours. The Messenger Blog would be reviewing critical lessons from this 269 page…… Continue reading #BookChallenge: 30 SECRETS TO THE TOP – Dr Paul Enenche

Words From The Father’s [15/11/2021]

In the journey to possibilities, there is a cardinal factor that dispels obvious physical proofs or embraces them. Your FOCUS is that determining element that validates what your experience becomes. Delays, denials, disappointments, attacks may arise, what you choose to focus on, determines the end product. Never focus on the physical, set your heart on…… Continue reading Words From The Father’s [15/11/2021]

Prayer for Nigeria 🇳🇬 @ 61

Bible Text: Psalms 24:1The earth is the Lord’s, and all its fullness,The world and those who dwell therein. PRAYER: 1. Nigeria 🇳🇬 belongs to God, and every contrary claim cannot stand in Jesus name, amen (Psalm 24:1). 2. Father for Your Holy name’s sake, on this day of Nigeria’s independence, let the country of Nigeria…… Continue reading Prayer for Nigeria 🇳🇬 @ 61