THE ESSENTIALS OF “PROPHECY”!!! – Pastor Bimbo Animashaun


(Understanding Prophetic Dynamics)

When a prophetic word or message is given by the Spirit through a vessel, you don’t throw it away because of seeming imperfections in language delivery or perceived “illiteracy” of the vessel used. No!!!

For instance, someone can bring a genuine and authentic prophetic word but riddled with grammatical blunders yet that will not in itself invalidate the substance of the message.

The accuracy of communication is based largely on the spiritual growth and mental development of the vessel, yet the message itself is valid.

So, in dealing with the prophetic, it’s important to separate the CONTENT OF THE MESSAGE from the STYLE OF COMMUNICATION employed by the speaker.

Prophetic words and messages are pure and pristine from SOURCE, and that’s an important point to take cognizance of.

However, it’s important for the speaker to give himself to personal spiritual development such that an uncluttered pathway can be created for the flawless delivery of the message.

Why this is necessary is that if care is not taken, the message can actually be coloured and pigmented by the interposition of personal flaws and frailties on the part of the speaker.

And when that happens, the message is technically affected especially in extreme circumstances.

However, in minor circumstances of manageable proportions, the message is well understood and corresponding actions are to be taken in prayers by the recipients for a spiritual follow-up to accelerate its fulfilment.

But generally speaking, discarding a prophetic word because of minor errors in communication or “crudeness” in human personality is like throwing away the baby with the bath water.

Therefore, to sail through this prophetic terrain with outstanding results, the following factors should be put into consideration:

(1) Spirit Inspiration

(2) Human Cooperation

(3) Word Attestation

(4) Christ’s Glorification

(5) Sound Communication

(6) Faith Reception

(7) Church Edification

First, the Spirit must inspire the message. It mustn’t be a product of mental concoction. It must be by the Spirit because it’s the Spirit Who inspires the prophets to speak – 2 Pet.1:21.

Second, there must be HUMAN COOPERATION. This is called YIELDEDNESS. The vessel being used by the Spirit must yield to Him and speak out in faith because we prophesy according to the proportion of faith – Rm.12:6.

Note that the Holy Spirit will never force prophetic words through your mouth; you will have to yield to Him.

Third is what I call WORD ATTESTATION i.e. what’s being said must line up with the Word.

If any supposed prophetic word doesn’t line up with the written Word, then you can as well throw it into the trashcan. THE SPOKEN WORD must align with THE WRITTEN WORD – Isa.8:20.

Fourth, the prophetic message must point attention to Christ because the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy – Rev.19:10. The Holy Spirit’s primary job is to GLORIFY CHRIST – Jn.16:14-15.

Five, there must be SOUND COMMUNICATION. The speaker must seek to develop himself in the Word and also develop himself mentally such that his mind will be sound enough to communicate the things of the Spirit.

When the Word of Christ dwells in you RICHLY IN ALL WISDOM, then you will be able to teach folks effectively in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs – Col.3:16.

Six, the people must have an open heart to RECEIVE BY FAITH. The word is FULFILLED where it is BELIEVED, and believing prophetic words guarantees prosperity – 2 Chro.20:20.

Seven, the prophetic word or message must EDIFY the Church. You see, WE DON’T PROPHESY TO GOD; WE ONLY PRAY TO GOD AND PROPHESY TO MEN, and this is done in edification, exhortation and comfort – 1 Cor.14:3.

I have a very strong witness in my heart that God is in this hour bringing the awareness of the Body of Christ into higher levels of prophetic operations and that’s why the devil is introducing all kinds of strange perversions today.

But this is the word of the Lord — the Lord is judging false prophets today and raising true prophets and also raising believers who are prophetically conscious in all spheres of life.

That’s why a teaching of this nature is important. I believe that in the coming days, we shall be receiving more lights from the Spirit of God as we partner with Him to bring into fruition God’s end-time plan for the Church.

May the Lord give us understanding!


I trust this meets us well Sirs and Mas?

Miracles Happen Everyday!!!






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