More Than Conquerors – Pastor E.A Adeboye


Text: Romans 8:37

  • There are various ways God can relate with you when you are in a fight.
  • It can be against you and if God is against you, you’d lose Exodus 14:21-28.
  • When God is againstsomeone he would push him until he is destroyed.
  • God can be neutral i.e He is not against you and at the same time he is not fighting for you.
  • If God is neutral towards you then you lose.
  • God left Samson alone and the Devil finished him. Judges 16:16-22.
  • God can be with you and he can join you in fighting.
  • And in that case, you would win. 1 Samuel 17:34-51.
  • To be more than conqueror means God will fight for you. He is not fighting against you nor is He neutral.
  • He is not fighting with you but He is fighting on your behalf. Romans 8:31.
  • God smites your enemies. Deuteronomy 28:7
  • If God be for us nobody can be against us. e.g. Demons, witches, etc and that’s because we have been given the power to cast them Luke 20:17, Isaiah 54:16-17.
  • God said let us leave Ephraim alone. Hosea 4:17.
  • God also said that Ephraim shall remain desolate. Hosea 5:9
  • If God be for you it is only you that can be against yourself.
  • We are more than conqueror because God loves us.
  • And for you to be more than conqueror you must love God.
  • If God loves you and you don’t love yourself, you won’t be more than conqueror. John 15:14.
  • If God loves you and you mess around with him, he would deal with you.
  • Don’t mess with God because he is the consuming fire.
  • The more deeply you love God, the more will he respond. John 3:16
  • The love of God is sacrificial and he expects you to prove it and also the willingness to sacrifice all for him.
  • Paul became so special because he sacrificed all. Philippians 3: 7-10
  • God gave his all so you must be willing to give your all. Act 9:11-13
  • The work of the ministry becomes easy when you love God.

Prayer Points.

  1. Father, help me to love you more so that you can anoint me so that the work I’m doing will become more successful than it had ever been.
Pastor E.A Adeboye

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