TEXT: LUKE 12:49


Catching the fire is the only dimension where people will follow you to know your God without persuasion. Anyone in touch with fire is giving the audacity to speak on behalf of God. The worst failure in life child of God is the one that has refused to be everything that God wants him to be. Without the touch of the fire, you will be too discouraged to represent God. When you catch the fire you become intensely hungry for God. When men are not hungry for God, it is the absence of fire. Without hunger, there will be no intensity in the spirit. Hunger is the prove of a strong desire for the full manifestation of your destiny. Hunger is a proof of the rejection of the status quo. if there is no hunger, there is no fire. One thing you must know is that God does not overlook the desperate and the hungry. Men that are hungry for God drink spiritual materials like water. I question your Christianity if I can not find your hunger. When hunger is low, fire is low, when hunger is high, fire is high.

Hunger is God’s intense call to do something greater in your life. Any hunger that does not drive you to action, it is a useless hunger. Hunger is God’s method of attracting men to his secret place. Anytime there is the force of darkness, it should be a cry for light. Your hunger is an expression for something higher. When you catch the fire, the fire turns you to a creature of prayer. It is only in prayer that God makes us custodiant of things. It is in prayer that God entrust us with his secrets. When you catch the fire of prayer it becomes the easiest way to connect to the fire of intimacy. The prayer that can’t change you, cannot change things around you. In catching the fire of prayer we connect the fire of intimacy. Men who are in touch with the fire, know God too well, they know when God is in a place and when God has left the place.

If you read about God, hear the preachings, it is still possible not to know him, but you can’t pray long enough and not know him. The path way to intimacy is the pathway to praying. prayer itself is spirit talking to a spirit. Only in prayer we move away from the flesh, because you cannot be praying and at the same time be in the flesh. Prayer gives you clothing. prayer gives you access to the immortal realm and gives you access to intertwine with the age to come. Prayer is not a hubby, it is a lifestyle. Matthew 17:1. Luke 9:29. The reason why you are depressed is because you can’t see your future. Men of prayer are not depressed. A prayer man can’t touch something and it dies in his hands. You can’t pray and not come up. Revelation 4:1.

Prayer is the portion of men here on earth. Hebrew 5:7. Anytime you are on earth, your portion is prayer. A man who does not know how to pray, is a man who does not know how to relate with the spirit. Intense prayer is an avenue to interact with the fire of the spirit, so as to bring you back to the script to what has been written about you. It is in prayer that everything that looks like flesh dies. Prayers guarantees refreshment.

What do I get when I connect in the place of prayer?

  1. You experience the dawning of a new day. Isaiah 42:9.
    New dawn means a fresh start.
    New dawn is the commencement and announcement of a new season
    New dawn means a turning point.
    New dawn is the activation of your predestination

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