I am a professional footballer trusting God to play abroad. I got an opening with a club outside Nigeria and processed the visa but has being believing God for a sponsor in order to travel.

We were working in the church ( technical department fixing sound) on that fateful Saturday when I received a call from a supposed footballer who I had never met, who said he wanted to assist me. We agreed to meet at an eatery close to AA Rano filling station in Kuje.

When I got there i met the person i spoke with over the phone with two other people. When i joined them on the table, they pulled out a gun and asked me to follow them to a Sharon vehicle waiting outside with a driver.

We all got into the vehicle, the driver and one person in front and i in the middle of two other people at the back.

When they started moving i asked where they were going to, and they said they were police officers and were taking me to their station. But they were heading towards Gwagwalada, so i asked again “I thought you people said we are going to the station”? Then they slapped me and asked me where i was and what i was doing when they called me over, and i said i was in the church working.

And they asked again, ‘which church’? And i said Dunamis, suddenly confusion erupted, then one of them who seemed to be their leader told his cohorts that it will not be wise for them to have problems with Dr Pastor Paul Enenche, then another person suggested that they should hit me with their gun, but another suggested that they should drop me off in the bush.

Meanwhile, they had collected my phone and blindfolded me when they were leaving Kuje. When they passed Gwagwalada, they drove into the bush, removed the blindfold from my face, gave me back my phone and also gave me N500 that they don’t want problems with my pastor and they took off.

I have come to return all the glory to God for His protection and preservation over my life.

Courtesy: Pastor Ameh




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