This GREAT EVENT happened last night DURING Day 2 of GILGAL 2023, as a burden was laid in the heart of our guest minister Pastor John F. Hannah, to give out a $300 to this particular faithful Lady in church which I also added $200 making it a total of $500…

Fortunately for her, she needed some amount of money to pay for her Masters Degree in the University of Hull (UK) which will cost her in millions BUT God PAID IT IN FULL for her also through Pastor John Hannah as he releases a sum of $5000 🙌

It was her moment and she was found in God’s presence, she was at the right place and at the right time… GILGAL 2023 is not yet over, you can also be a partaker of this DIVINE SETTLEMENT if you can find yourself down to The Transforming Church alongside with your loved ones and believe God for a BREAKTHROUGH…

Truly this is our year of GREAT GRACE…




Courtesy: Reverend Sam Oye

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