JUST FOLLOW HIM! – Pastor Timothy Bernedict

John 21:20-22.

Then Peter, turning about, seeth the disciple whom Jesus loved following; which also leaned on his breast at supper, and said, Lord, which is he that betrayeth thee? Peter seeing him saith to Jesus, Lord, and what shall this man do? Jesus saith unto him, If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee? follow thou me.

In my almost thirty years of being a Christian, I have noticed that people with religious mindset have done more harm to the spread and effect of the gospel than Satan himself.

They talk about love in the open but live in hatred, bitterness and strife in reality.

They have an outward form of Godliness but the fruit of Godliness is no where near their address.

They know what the Bible says about everything but do not live what it says on anything.

They live to please public perception at the expense of divine endorsement.

They are quick to publicly attack any teaching on wealth creation but cheat, manipulate and sometimes steal from others in their business places, offices and homes.

They propagate misery as a sign of uprightness but live lavishly in the secret and the other group of them go to people’s inboxes and homes to solicit for help.

They talk down on a lady wearing trouser in public but they wear them at home. Some of them criticize wearing trousers to church but they wear to work, malls and parks.

They sneer at ladies not covering hair in church but fight their husbands at home and ill treat their maids while covering their hairs at home.

They protect their children and families when they do wrong but will apply both the Ten Commandments and the rods on other people’s children when they go wrong in church.

They are quick to crucify a brother or sister who fell into immorality and came to confess by themselves while living secretly in adultery, masturbation, pornography and in some cases sodomy.

They have negative names and reasons for anything working in the life of someone else once it’s yet to work in theirs.

Within the church body, they teach and preach inclusiveness in the public but sectionalism, factionalism, tribalism and nepotism is the actual practice in the office.

Now listen!
God will shock most of you at the end of time.

Thank God for your revelations but never ever forget, it is not the standard of God.

The things of the spirit will remain a mystery that is revealed in parts at certain seasons and phases of growth.
Follow the part revealed to you but don’t condemn or criticize the part revealed to someone else that is yet to be clear to you.

Jesus instantly redirected the eternal destination of the robber on the cross who cried out to Him without asking him to go for water baptism, discipleship class, do restitution and the likes.

The Pharisees knew Zacchaeus to be a sinner yet Jesus left them all in their self righteousness and headed for Zacchaeus’s house.

The ways of God are too deep and far from the comprehension of mere mortals.

As I grow in my walk and work with Jesus, I keep discovering that God has special ways of dealing with some people that you just can’t understand- only Him knows why and how.

Please kindly calm down! Be careful how you treat anyone you think does not conform to your religious mould, you maybe fighting for God while going to hell while those you are fighting against would have made U-turn long time without your knowledge and God will not seek your consent to forgive them.

As you go out this week, deal with care. Live your life as you think is pleasing to your God while loving others who are yet to conform.

If this made sense to you, let me know and then share with others.





Meanwhile, today’s four services were soul lifting and God glorifying.

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