LIVING THE SPIRIT-FILLED LIFE (2) – Apostle Joshua Talena

(Romans 8:14) For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.

There is no vacuum in the spirit. A man must be filled by something. It is either he is filled with the Spirit of God, or he is filled with the spirit of satan. For a believer, to be filled with the Spirit of God is an option-less compulsion, if he is to be victorious in this world.

To be filled with the Spirit of God makes a believer to live a spirit-filled life. The true identity of a believer is when he functions in the spirit. The Spirit-filled man is consumed with ferocious appetite and unending presence of God. That life carries the presence of God and his life is dictated by the Word of God. The spirit filled life is a man whose cravings and appetite appeals for spiritual diet.

God is a Spirit and to communicate with Him, a believer needs to be in the Spirit. Outside the Spirit, there is no believer. The believer is born in the womb of the Holy Spirit. Outside the Holy Spirit, the believer has no identity. The Holy Spirit is the guarantee Jesus gave to enable a believer have advantage in this life. It is a disaster for a believer to live outside the Holy Spirit. Confessing Christ without the Holy Spirit makes you a philosopher and the Gospel message without the Holy Spirit is gossip (Acts 10:38). It is the Holy Spirit that energies the believer. The infilling of the Holy Spirit deepens a believer in the spirit realm.

Some Benefits of Living a Spirit-Filled Life:

  1. The Spirit transforms (John 16:12).
  2. The Spirit gives directions (Romans 8:6).
  3. The Spirit makes you spiritually sensitive (1 Corinthians 2:4).
  4. The Spirit gives spiritual insights (John 14: 26).
  5. The Spirit Refreshes (Isaiah 6).
  6. The Spirit Satisfies (Amos 6:1).
  7. The Spirit strengthens your organs of interaction (1 Corinth 2:4).
  8. The Spirit gives access to spiritual knowledge beyond education (Isaiah 30:21).
  9. The Spirit gives unprecedented energy for manifestation (Romans 8:19).
  10. The Holy Spirit makes the Word of God come alive in us (2 Peter 1:20-21).

Beloved, the benefits of living a spirit-filled life cannot be overemphasized. The things that confront men are rooted in the spirit realm. A Spirit-filled believer is a mystery to his generation and is unstoppable. To be a believer without living a spirit-filled life is to be a victim of life occurrences. I enjoin you to be spirit filled today in Jesus name, Amen.

Meditation: A Spirit-filled believer is a mystery to his generation and is unstoppable

RM: The Necessity of Feasting with the Spirit (1)
Prayer: Oh Lord, baptism me afresh with the Holy Spirit in Jesus Name, Amen.

Photo Credit 📷📸: Apostle Joshua Talena

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