A BETTER WAY TO PRAY – Austine Oviawe

At this time of every year, we routinely pray a certain way, which is asking for things we need, which is great, and ok, but I believe our paying should begin with playing out a certain value chain of the Spirit in our spirit out into our lives.

It is playing out from the deposit of the Holy Spirit in our spirit certain operations and dimensions of the move of the Spirit God has ordained for our wellbeing ~ spiritual, physical, and material.

Before making a list of needs, and setting up goals as we are won’t to, we should pray out what is the mind of God for us specifically, and generally then we can build everything else around that.

What does God want to be done in my life, my family, my church, my neighborhood, my city, my country, and humanity in general?

The kingdom comes, thy will be done should be the true north of our praying so we can bring all the forces of our spirit, and energies of our souls, and the strength of our hands in labor into alignment and conformity. Let’s not squander this moment on things that will be added when we seek God and his kingdom’s advancement first.

There are ministries and resources of the Spirit already fully supplied through the dwelling Spirit in us that God intends that by them, we can lead a profitable life, spirit, soul, and body.

There are resources placed in you to aid your walk in supernatural realities. There is a supply of the Spirit that can change everything about your life irrevocably, and irrecoverably. We must begin the year with the activating and engagement of these dormant resources of the Spirit, and by them ascend to higher grounds of grace, faith, and power.

Yes, saint, looked up in you right now is a treasure chest of the Spirit, an endowment that is designed to enrich your walk with God, your walk and work with men, and express your God side in colorful possibilities, miracles, signs, and wonders.

There is something in your life to pray out that will keep you in strength, like the sun, every single day of your life. God has provided for every spiritual need you will ever have ahead of time!

There is more to the Holy Spirit than tongues, tongues are the key to every gift, capability, and expression of the Spirit you will ever need. Buried deep within your inner man this minute are spiritual resources which if properly engaged will bring you into much more than you can pray, believe, hope for, imagine or think.

There is a whole lot the Holy Spirit can help you do and become. There is an anointing upon your life that waiting on you for its activation and expressions. Sonitisnt time for a list of things you want God to do as it a time to launch into the deep waters of life in the Spirit from the shallow waters of insipid and barn Sunday Sunday church attendance.

The believes life by constitution and configuration is a supernatural one, power by faith through grace, and obedience to the leading and dealings of the Spirit, Hod so much invested in you, he declared the light of the world and the salt of the earth, Christ’s ambassador on the earth, it your destiny to do whatever Christ would do if there was on earth.

Praying out the plan, purpose, and program of God for your life is done when you pray in the Spirit, by the Spirit. Praying in the Spirit awakens your spiritual senses of knowing, seeing, and hearing, these senses are for receiving from God instructions, directions, guidance, impressions, and revelation.

One primary purpose of the Holy Spirit is that we might know the things already given and available to us in the person of the spirit.

1Corinthians. 2:12:

“Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God.”

The word to know is to come into the experiential reality of a thing or person. The weighty matters of the new covenant are all experiences and encounters!

Locked up within your right now in the person of the Holy Spirit dwelling in you are the supernatural forces of:

  1. God’s wisdom.
  2. God’s understanding.
  3. God’s counsel.
  4. God’s knowledge.
  5. God’s might.
  6. God’s fear.

Now, these are things in your possession already that should be in full expression this new year and every other year of your life. There isn’t any known need that these will not fully supply. So God has heard you already, knowing what you need, and has provided supplies ahead of time.

So we can boldly declare that every need is met and fully supplied, as we begin to pray out these endowments and walk in their expressive realities. We are not praying to see if or what God will do, we are praying to know what God has done! We are taking paths and praying prayers ordained ahead of time.

We will walk in the light.

We will walk in the comfort of the scriptures.

We will walk in the power of the Holy Ghost.

We will draw waters from the wells of our salvation to quench every thirst.

We will not put the privileges ahead of the obligations, and not place the obligations ahead of the privileges, we are by the Spirit, we walk in the Spirit.

We will draw from the deposits of the Holy Ghost for miracles, healings, deliverances, signs, and wonders.

The things already given to us by the Spirit and in the Spirit are waiting for us to work them out, and walk in them. We have it already!

We will not pray to ask them to be given again like we don’t have them, we know the things already freely given to us by God, and we pray them out, workings of the Spirit, with the understanding that we already have them. Yea, Ramoth in Gilead is ours, we will not be still, we will take it!

1King 22:3:
“And the king of Israel said unto his servants, KNOW YE THAT RAMOTH IN GILEAD IS OURS, AND WE BE STILL AND TAKE IT NOT out of the hand of the king of Syria?”

We know what’s ours, and we take it in this season.
We give ourselves wholly to the ministries of the word and Spirit. We will wholly serve the Lord with all our heart, all of our soul, all of our mind, all of our strength, and everything we are and have.

2023, what a year.

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Austine Oviawe

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