TEXT: LUKE 15:17

DATE: 21:09:2022


Your mentality is the platform that sponsors your breakthrough. The mind is the center of man’s breakthrough. Every breakthrough a man sees today, the mind brought him to where he is. Breakthrough is not the absence of resistance but the engagement of mentality. Breakthrough is the forceful expansion of existing entity. Breakthrough is a forceful mental reasoning and practical steps taking for profit maximization. A man’s breakthrough is actually a man’s mentality.Proverbs 23:7.

Your mind is designed to process your breakthrough. Isaiah 54:2-3. Without mental expansion, there can never be breakthrough manifestations. Your life is going to see breakthrough to the extent in which your mind is expanded. Anywhere you want to be in life, your mind is given as an equipment to make it a reality. The expansion of your mind is what set the pace for your breakthrough. Your mind is your actual size. If your mind can’t see it, your hand can’t handle it. Breakthrough moves from the mind to the hand. Until your mind carries it, your life can never see it. Until you expand your mind, your life cannot expand. Anything that is beyond your mind is beyond your life. Anything your mind can’t see, your life can’t experience it. Matthew 3:17.

Attack on your mind is an attack on your life and future, free your mind and free your future. Every man is designed to live life with a sound mind. For your life to be glorious, your mind must be sound. When the mind is not sound, your life will not be well. 2Timothy 1:7. Your mind is given to make life better for you. There is power and intelligence deposited in your mind to covert intangible ideas into physical realities. If the mind can accept it, your life will experience it. Nehemiah 5:6. The thought of your mind can either attract breakthrough from God or an attack from the devil. Matthew 1:20. Your life runs In the direction of your mind. Your salvation and deliverance is settle on your mind. The mind has the power and intelligence to attract what seats on it. Your thought will invite your experience. Job 3:25-26. Anything done out of fear cannot attract God. It was the content of jobs thoughts that attracted Satan not his actions.

No matter what anybody says, don’t allow them penetrate your mind.

What kind of mind do I need to access breakthrough?

  1. A spiritual and a godly mind.
    some of the decisions of the spirit, leads us to breakthrough. Luke 5:1.-5. If you have a carnal mind, you can’t go far in the journey of life. Romans 8:5-8.
    To mind the things of the spirit, lands you in breakthrough and peace. Isaiah 26:3. The mind that focuses on God is the mind that will access breakthrough.
  2. Mental toughness.
    All minds are not the same, because it is not all kind of minds that ends in breakthrough. If you are not toughen, you can never see breakthrough. Proverbs 24:10. Adversity has the address of everybody, but it does not undress everybody. Tough time comes to everybody but not everybody is broken by the toughness of life. Your breakthrough in life is a product of mental toughness not physical toughness. When your mind summarizes your destiny, you have no future. To secure breakthrough in life you need inner might. Ephesians 3:14. Might is a grant that God gives. Your breakthrough is not the size of your body. Mental toughness is ability to make critical decision with mental steadfastness. Mental toughness is ability to pull up mission impossible assignment. if everything you’re doing can be handled with human effort, it means God is not there. it takes a strong mind to dream but takes a strong will to bring it to reality. Genesis 47:22
    What kind of mental toughness do you need?
  3. You need the mentality of calling and purpose. Nehemiah 6:3. Whatever you are doing, see it as a calling and a purpose.
  4. Develop a positive mind
  5. Develop the I must make it mentality
    The way you think, is the way you live. If what you’re after is worth it then there will be a war for it. life will place demand on you. Rugged mindset is the key to breakthrough. Today, whatever you want, allow it to enter your mind
Apostle Joshua Talena

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