HEAL SO YOU DON’T HURT! – Pastor Timothy Bernedict


Pastor Mrs Nike Adeyemi said, “hurting people hurt others”. She opined that it takes a healed leader to lead effectively not a bleeding one.

A major reason for the delay in seeing the outburst of the long awaited revival is the recycling of hurts and the distribution of bitterness within the body of Christ.

The pulpit is replete with a large percentage of hurting people attempting to dispense hope, life and healing to a hurting and helpless generation.

Though a hurting heart impedes speedy access to results in ministry yet, the results of ministry is not a validation of emotional wholeness.

Do everything through the help of the Holy Spirit to get healed of offenses, betrayals, unjust treatments and sometimes outright wickedness either from leaders or followers. You can’t heal effectively while still bleeding profusely.


  1. When you deal with your subordinates in a manner you once resented from your superiors.
  2. When the pictures of how you were treated by others influence your perception of and dealings with new people.
  3. When the way you were treated becomes an operational culture in your current assignment.
  4. When your quest for results is powered by a desire to prove a point to those who ill treated you.
  5. When you engage in acts that try to undermine your current or former leadership.
  6. When you keep referencing your negative past while dealing with current issues and people.
  7. When you unconsciously navigate the superiority complex lane while pursuing a new God delivered mandate.
  8. When you easily talk down your former leadership and platform with others.
  9. When you break scriptural principles just to get a desired result.
  10. When you abandon your personal growth rituals on the ground of a disappointment from others.
  11. When your messages are not centered on solution provision and the edification of the body of Christ but on critiquing and correcting others who are busy on their lanes.
  12. When you live in malice and outright bitterness against those that ill treated you.

The implication of the above is in its interference with your relationship with the Holy Spirit in taking delivery of new instructions, directions or guidance.


  1. Thank God what they did to you did not kill you. Let go so you can lay hold. As a minister, you need the purity of conscience to minister grace to others.
  2. Determine to rupture the flow of everything negative you ever suffered in ministry. Refuse to transfer same to others. Let it die with you.
  3. Determine to walk in love with everyone and in honour to leadership. You can never go wrong with these two.
  4. Never ever company with the scornful and those who dishonour leadership. It’s a recipe for stagnation and frustration.
  5. Build bridges where you swam. Place a ladder where you had to jump. Give platforms where you hitherto had none. Make ministry easier, better and more honourable to those coming behind you.
  6. Always remember, the proof you love God and He’s In you is in how you treat others and the body of Christ.
  7. Determine to give full expression to the calling of God upon your life and ministry rather than create impressions. Vehemently refuse competitions and manipulative tendencies.

Photo Credit: Pastor Timothy Bernedict

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