(Continued from the latter part of EPISODE 1)

Pastor (he tries to hold her when someone knocks the door): Who is there? Deliverance session is going on here!
Blessing: Pastor, it is my younger brother. He is my bodyguard. Will you end the deliverance session or not?

Pastor (His adrenaline level subsides and he shouts): In Jesus name we have prayed! (He opens the door and sees him smiling).

Blessing: Pastor, I recorded our conversation and the elders will determine what to do with ungodly Pastors like you. Repent and restitute your ways.

(She left with her younger brother while Andy looked on like a wounded lion.)

Later that day, Andy’s facial expressions prompted his wife to ask him some questions.

Roseline: Dear, I have told you not to stress yourself with the Church activities. Take it easy.

Pastor: Thank you my dear. The grace of God is always sufficient.

Roseline: Hallelujah! Dear, one of the workers sent an audio message to me and…

Pastor (surprised): Ha! What message? Don’t mind her…erm…erm…

Roseline: Who? Did she send it to you too?

Pastor: Who? Yes…No… She is a liar! I mean…

Roseline: Dear, is everything ok? Why are you confused?

Pastor: I’m stressed. What’s the message about?

Roseline (she becomes suspicious): It’s from sister blessing.

Pastor (fear grips his heart): She is a devil…Don’t mind her message. She wants to rubbish my years of ministry and toils…

Roseline (looks confused): Dear, who is the devil? Why do you call sister blessing a devil? What did she do? Are you alright?

Pastor (sweating under the rotating ceiling fan): I know she’s after my downfall. May God judge her. May God punish her.

Roseline: Dear! What are you saying? Sister blessing John from the children department sent the audio of the drama the children acted today. Why do you want God to punish her for serving Him?

Pastor (smiles mischievously): I was carried away…I mean, the stress of the workers is too much on me. So, the children acted the story of Samson and that deceitful Esther?

Roseline: Samson and Esther? Or Samson and Delilah?

Pastor: Oh yes! Samson and Delilah. There are many Delilahs today.

Roseline: Dear, the drama is about Joseph and Potiphar’s wife. The children were encouraged to take their stand against immorality by God’s grace.

Pastor: That’s impressive! Joseph escaped from her hands. Hmnn, it’s a difficult situation…

Roseline: Tell me, are you hiding something from me? Because I don’t understand your parable again.

Pastor: No…no…hiding what? You are my hiding place where I can safely sleep. (He yawns) Let me go and rest.

Roseline: Ok dear. One more thing…

Pastor (turns back in a jiffy) What again?

Roseline (Really confused): Are you alright? My dear, are you alright?

Pastor: No, I have headache and … (His wife’s phone beeps)

Pastor: Who’s that?

Roseline (checks her phone): Oh, it’s from sister blessing.

Pastor: Which blessing?

Roseline: Are you expecting any message?

Pastor: No. Just curious to know what she sent.

Roseline: An audio message.

Pastor: Ha! Don’t believe her…Oh, I mean, don’t believe a rumour.

Roseline (turns to him): What happened to sister blessing?

Pastor: Nothing. Oh nothing. I want to go inside and rest.(As he leaves, Roseline plays the audio message)

“Good day! I want to share something with you …”

Pastor (turns back): Dear, please don’t listen to that message. Can you help me massage my head. My blood is boiling within. I pray God will put all our enemies to shame.

(Roseline stopped it to attend to him. When she went to the kitchen, he quickly deleted the message. After the massage, she received the same message from another church worker.)

“Good day! I want to share something with you. My final exam is approaching and I need your prayers. Thank you for your usual support. Kate.”

Roseline; Dear, sister Kate wants us to pray for her success in the forthcoming exam.

Pastor: God will answer her. (He leaves for the living room while she sits still on the bed.)

Roseline (Soliloquizing): What is my husband hiding from me? Why is he so fearful? Lord, what’s happening? Open my eyes!

(At night, she humbly asks her husband to tell her whatever is bothering him.)

Roseline: Dear, I know you are troubled. What’s happening? Tell me and we will solve it together by God’s grace.

Pastor: Dear, I have told you since afternoon that all is well. Or do you want me to tell a lie?

Roseline: Please, share your mind with me and I promise to stand with you. Feel free dear.

Pastor: Woman! Feel free to say what? Am I a kid? What do you want to hear from me? Why are you insinuating that something is fishy? Do I look like a criminal? Please, don’t trouble me with your pleadings again. Is that clear?

Roseline (feels hurt): I’m sorry for bothering you. I hand you over to God. Thank you and good night.

Pastor: Where am I? Of course, in God’s hand. Do you wish me evil? Let me sleep for God’s sake.

Roseline (shed few drops of tears and prays silently): Lord, keep my husband from falling and deliver him from the traps of the devil. Lord, have mercy.

At midnight, a dark, huge figure entered their bedroom with a dagger in his hand and walked towards the Pastor. Before Roseline could shout, the huge figure brought out two … (To be continued in Episode 3)

What have you gained so far in the story?

Olumide Fatunsin


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