THE GLOOMY CORRIDORS (Episode 50/FINAL EPISODE) – Olumide Fatunsin

Peter didn’t know when they reached Lisa’s house. They were still sad as they entered the house. When Charlie saw his father, he brought out a jersey from a nylon bag and presented it to him. This kind gesture from his son drove away the sadness that has determined to make an abode in his mind. He hugged him and planted two kisses on his chubby cheeks. Anne also came and gave her father a beautiful card and he read it aloud,

“My dad, no matter the depth pain has dug in our lives, Christ’s love has covered it and brought us together again. You are welcome to your beautiful family. We love you!”

He hugged her and thanked her for her thoughtfulness and love. Pastor’s wife and Lisa came out of the kitchen wearing their aprons. The different foods aroma pervaded the whole house and the men jokingly said they wanted to devour everything. Lisa stepped forward, held her husband’s right hand and proclaimed before her children that she had forgotten the past and now fully accepted him into their home. Peter faced her and said,

“I thank you for your love, courage, forgiveness and for everything you have done for me and our children. You are the real champion and I promise by God’s grace to love, care, cherish, support and be there for you and our children. God is indeed faithful and restorer of life and hope. I was dead but now alive to God and my responsibilities. I can’t repay all you have done but I pray God will grant the desires of your heart.”

Pastor Matthew and his wife prayed for the whole family from the depth of their hearts before the guests started arriving for Lisa’s birthday. As they were rounding off the prayer, Lisa’s phone rang. Her father was the first to speak and praise her for standing her ground against their wrong decision. Her parents apologised and then prayed fervently for her and her husband. Peter also thanked them for their understanding and cares. Before ending the call, Lisa’s mother revealed the truth about Nicholas how he impregnated two sisters from the same parents and the shame he has brought to his family.

Lisa took him inside their bedroom and showed him everything she had bought for him and her birthday. They hugged each other to relive and rekindle their old flame of love. He planted a deep kiss on her lips and shed tears of joy together to celebrate God’s unfailing love to them. Charlie’s knock on the door brought them into reality. They watched him as he dashed in to pick something from the table and left in a hurry.

“He’s now a matured boy. I’m proud of him.” He said with joy on his face.

“Don’t mind him. He can be naughty sometimes. Dear, let’s get ready.” Lisa replied.

“Happy birthday, my love! May you celebrate many years in good health and prosperity in Jesus name.” He prayed for her.

“Amen! May we continue to experience God’s abundant blessings in our home in Jesus name.” She prayed too.

Within 30 minutes, almost all the invited guests had arrived with gifts in their hands. The church members ensured the birthday celebration went well with beautiful praises to God with heaven-rending prayers, powerful exhortation by Pastor Matthew and dancing moments with the celebrant. Everyone dressed elegantly but didn’t match Lisa and her husband who wore the same Nigerian attires with matching shoes. Anne and her brother weren’t left out.

When Peter and his wife took the center stage in their spacious living room, the guests were applauding and praying for them. According to their plans, Charlie stopped the music abruptly and stepped forward with two rings and a Bible. Pastor Matthew and his wife stood in front of them to renew their marriage vows. He read the vows to them and they responded with love and joy. Thereafter, he presented the Bible to them and charged them to build their marriage and home on the Word of God and obey God in all things. He and his wife prayed for them while the guests gave resounding “Amen”. Debby took charge of cutting of the cake and oversaw the serving of foods and drinks. Anne helped to collect the gifts and Peter thanked the guests for their love and support.

After the guests had gone, Lisa appreciated her husband, children, Debby and Pastor Matthew and his wife for their support and love. Pastor Matthew turned to Debby and prayed for God’s intervention in her life for her unalloyed support for Lisa. Later in the evening, Peter prayed with his wife and children before retiring to bed. Peter and his wife prayed again when they got to their bedroom and committed their new journey into God’s able hands. A new sensation came over them as they embraced each other on the bed and God of second chance enveloped them with His blessings and joy until they entered into the realm of blessedness. Peter later recovered his legitimate properties and God blessed him with a good job.

Days rolled into weeks and Debby’s father had a change of mind after prayers and fasting by her and Dennis. They held onto the promise of God in Proverbs 21 verse 1, ‘The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will.’

God heard their prayers about her father and he fell in love with Dennis by calling him his own son. Dennis played his own role by respecting and displaying maturity in his presence. Dennis never insulted him but blessed him in his heart when he threatened to take action against him.

During the period, he told Debby that devil always fights God’s will and they must not resort to physical battle but fight on their knees and God fought for them. Immediately her father accepted, Dennis was restored to his former position in his place of work. When it was a month to their wedding, Dennis got a job offer in the Republic of Ireland. Lisa rejoiced with Debby and reminded her of God’s promises to enlarge her coasts. Peter and Lisa travelled to Nigeria to attend her wedding ceremony and it was colourful and glorious. Peter and Lisa later visited their parents before returning to their country of abode.

After praying to know God’s purpose for their lives, God revealed his mind about helping and guiding young couples in their church with the help of their Pastor. God later expanded their ministry beyond their church and other churches began to invite them to share their testimonies and bless them with the Word of God with outstanding testimonies sealing God’s approval of their ministry. Anne got an admission into the University in Barcelona and Charlie grew in wisdom and in the fear of God. Charlie kept telling his parents that he loved to have a younger sister but they told him God had given them enough children. After a year, God heard Charlie’s prayer and his mother conceived. When Charlie noticed his mother’s protruded tommy, he started telling her to buy her sister’s dresses. True to his prediction, his mother gave birth to a beautiful girl.

When Peter held her in his hands, he thanked God for restoring their loss.

“We lost Tony at the beach some years ago and God has finally given us Thonia. May you fulfil God’s purpose for your life.”

Charlie’s life changed with the arrival of her sister and God blessed their family with favour. Lisa never ceased to thank God for waiting for her husband who beautified her life with peace and joy by God’s grace. When one of Dennis’ friends in the Republic of Ireland heard the testimony of Peter and his wife, he decided to feature them in a reputable Christian magazine which went viral and letter of invitations poured in from around the world. During their ministration in Australia, some of Lisa’s friends there were blessed and gave their lives to Jesus Christ who is able to give beauty for ashes.

During their flight back to Madrid, Peter turned to his wife and said, “I now realised how Joseph felt when he became the Prime minister in Egypt and saw how God used his trials to preserve lives and glorify His name. Dear, God used our trials to prove that He is a God of second chance to as many who call upon Him.”

“Yes dear. It wasn’t easy but we are now eating the fruits of our patience, faith in God and yielding to his will. I will forever be grateful to God for his guidance.” Lisa said joyfully.

When they landed and were getting out of the airport, Peter told her, “As we have landed safely, God is waiting for many troubled families to call upon him to bring them safely to their beautiful destinations of peace and joy.”

“You are right my dear. There are many gloomy corridors in life but with Jesus Christ on our side, He will give us light and see us through.” Lisa said as they entered the taxi.

“Yes! Walking in gloomy corridors in life with Jesus Christ will result into glorious testimonies. Jesus Christ is truly our light and guide.” Peter said as he held his wife lovingly and kissed her forehead…


To God be the glory!

Have you been blessed by this story?

Share your testimonies, comments and thoughts.

Jesus Christ is ready to walk with you along the gloomy corridors of life. Give your life to Him and he will transform your life and help you. He loves you.

Thank you very much for reading this story.

God bless you.


Olumide Fatunsin

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