HOW TO PLEASE GOD – Apostle Joshua Talena




There is a reason why God have everyone of us life, and that reason is to please him.
living to please God simply means living as a source of satisfaction to God.
your life is either a pain or gain to God…
You cannot live with God in eternity if you’ve not lived to please him here on earth.
Never respect anyone enough at the expense of pleasing God.
hear me Sir, in other to live to please God, there’s how to live.

What does it take to please God?

  1. By walking with God ( Hebrew 11:5, Genesis 5:24
    a.Walking with God simply means, going in the same direction with God.
    Isaiah 55:8.
    B.To walk with God means being ordered by the lord and taking steps with God.(Proverbs 38:23, Psalms 119:33
    C.Walking with God is to company with God( Amos 3:3
    Those who walk with God don’t struggle for things.
    D.Walking with God simply means enjoying fellowship with God and with the brethren.
    What gives value for walking for God is your value in walking with God.
    When you walk with God he gives you ministry.

What is ministry?? ministry is finding an assignment to carry or do in his house.(Ephesians 4:11.
Many of you place priority on ministry than walking with God.
When your motivation for walking for God is your pastor, you’re a disaster.
E.Walking with God assist us to reflect God here on earth.Exodus 34:3
Walking with God is having a personal relationship with God.
What is the platform for walking with God??
A. helplessness and dependency.
B. Continues separation.

  1. Walking in faith.(Hebrew 11:6
    Faith is a Major requirement to pleasing God.
    A.Faith is engaging the light of scriptures instead of walking by sight.
    B. faith is Obedience to divine instructions
    There is no force on earth that can take off a man that lives by faith.
    C. Faith is putting God’s word to work. Hebrew 4:2
    D. Faith is sharing responsibility with God in the light of scriptures.
    Any faith that lives the responsibility to God alone is an irresponsible faith ( Proverbs 22:29
    E. Faith is the parth way to spiritual reward ( Isaiah 45:19
    You must believe to see.
    Faith attracts clear evidence of the reality of serving God.

What is the relevance of faith in pleasing God?
A. It turns your existence into living with him.
When the devil wants to stop you, he attacks your faith.Job 3:25
Any service you offer to God out of fear, attracts the anger of God.
faith attracts God and fear attracts the devil.
You are not a loser in this life, till you loose faith.
B. Faith is the spiritual center of gravity and the key to stability.Luke 22:31
Anything Satan is doing around you is a target on your faith.
When faith is at work, you are unmovable.
Until faith arrives, your destiny is invalid.
Faith is a commander of respect.
C. Faith is the interpreter of your dream.
D. Faith brings the hand of God on any situation.
God’s power submits to faith by intention.Acts 4:7
Anywhere faith operates, darkness is subdued.
God must see your faith to have an invitation in your life. Galatians 3:5
Anywhere there is a shout of faith, there is a testimony of faith.

  1. You must be committed to God’s timing. ( 2Sam 11:1
    Timing determines relevance with God and determines destiny success.
    If you have no value for divine timing, you can never please God.
    Anytime you give God your time, he gives you eternity.
    Timing is of essence if eternity must reflect on your mortal activity.Acts 3:1.

Commitment to God’s timing.(1Kings 18:29
If you miss timing with God, you miss God.
Timing is of necessity if eternity must reflect in your morality.
4. By valuing God and his instructions.(Continuation) Numbers 25:4
You cannot value God in isolation.
The difference between David and Saul was value.
The second thing about Saul was that he refused to wait for Samuel, but went on to make the sacrifice the prophet was supposed to make.
The third thing was that he was (Saul) full of pride.
The fourth thing about Saul was that it never crossed his mind for years to build the temple of God.
Your value for God determines your commitment to God.
When you value God you will be irreplaceable and indispensable. Luke 12:18-19
Your value for God must reflect on where you put your resources.
You are a fool, if you value many things more than God.
The basis of man’s existence is God.(Isaiah 44:21
in between your birth and your death, God owns you, you don’t own yourself.
What Abraham did to show his value
a. He followed God without questioning.
b. He gave God quality time. ( Genesis 19:27
c. He kept raising alters.
d. He gave God without limit.
e. He gave God pleasure at all times.
You must put God first in everything you do.
Men who value God are men who encounter God.(Malachi 1:6
Christianity that has no price is a waste.

What are the platform for value?
a. Value and respect for your man of God.
Anybody who talks about the humanity of his man of God more than his divinity has no value for God.
b. You must keep God’s schedule.
c. Keep his instructions.
d. Give to God especially your tithes.
e. Never use your mouth to discredit God.

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