LESSONS FROM THE LIVES OF ELI AND SAMUEL PART 2. – Evangelist Ikponmwosa Oghogho

In the last module, we laid a foundation for this teaching series by looking at background facts surrounding the lives of the Israelites beginning from their exit from Egypt to their settlement in the promised land.

We are going to look into the circumstances surrounding the conception and birth of Prophet Samuel in this module.

1Samuel 1:1 shows us the tribe Samuel came from.

He was of mount Ephraim hence he wasn’t a Levite.

We see that Samuel’s father (Elkanah) had taken heed to the instruction God gave to Israel.

He went up yearly with his family to worship and sacrifice to God in the place (Shiloh) God chose for his tabernacle (Deut 18:1-8).

We have a big lesson to learn from Elkanah based on how he led his entire family to obey God in going up to Jerusalem for the yearly worship and sacrifice.

This was not an easy journey as they had to walk the long distance to get to Shiloh just to worship and offer their sacrifices.

With the development of automobiles today we can travel long distances in a few minutes or hours.

However in those days, they needed to travel for days just to worship and offer their sacrifices.

Yet many of them like Elkanah were faithfully doing this with their families.

He made provision not just for himself but also his family members.

May God teach us to learn never to use distance as an excuse hindering us from being faithful on our service to God in Jesus name amen.

Elkanah had two wives, Peninnah and Hannah.

Peninnah had many sons and daughters for Elkanah but Hannah had none.

We are told why she could not get pregnant.

God had shut up her womb (1Samuel 1:5-6).

I have heard some people try to teach that it wasn’t really God who shut up Hannah’s womb.

Well, we will be challenging the integrity of scriptures to say it wasn’t God who shut up Hannah’s womb.

What we should be asking is why will God shut up her womb?

At this point, I like to point out that God shut up her womb for a season.

At the appointed time it was opened to produce Samuel a child destined to fulfill God’s kingdom purpose for the time.

Sometimes we get pressed to the wall before we can take the right turn to look up to God alone for help.

If Hannah had Samuel without the delay, she would perhaps never have given him back to the Lord all the days of his life.

She would have kept Samuel from fulfilling God’s kingdom purpose at that season.

The delay helped her get to the point of being willing to give him back to God.

God is willing to use all that is necessary to help us get back in alignment with His purposes in this broken world.

This is profitable for us!

I remember an event of a Minister who missed his flight to go preach in a meeting.

He felt disappointed and frustrated because of it only to hear few hours later that there was a plane crash.

God may delay us from taking hold of a good thing just to get us to the point where we can just surrender all to His will.

Many times all we see is the delay.

We don’t often see what God is working out in it for us.

One Samuel born by Hannah after much delay was worth more than all the other children born by Peninnah.

If God shuts up the womb, then He has a great plan to bring a Samuel through it but it will take our surrender of that Samuel to make it a reality.

The earlier we are willing and ready to give back to God what He wants to give to us, the faster we are set to step into receiving our Samuel.

I pray that God will grant us grace to surrender all to His will in Jesus name amen.

To be continued.

Oghogho Ikponmwosa

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