Job became the devil’s target due to his wealth. Satan said to God that, ‘’You have blessed the work of his hands so that HIS FLOCKS AND HERDS ARE SPREAD THROUGHOUT THE LAND (Job 1:9).’’

Job was described as the greatest man, in terms of wealth, in the East, in his days. His level of wealth infuriated the devil and he decided to attack him thinking that the man would stop following God.

The devil will seek to harm you as you get wealthy. The attacks he launches against you, increases as you increase in wealth. The devil is not only after your soul, but he is also after your money. he wants you to remain poor. If you truly study the Bible, you’ll discover that
God isn’t against the prosperity of the Saints.

In fact, he was the one who blessed Job, Abraham and Isaac. But it was the devil who attacked Job’s wealth, not God.

Therefore, huge level of wealth of the Saints provokes the anger of the devil. Listen, you do not need to do ANYTHING before the enemy attempts to attack you. Your wealth has made him to see reasons to attack you.

Owning to the foregoing, wealthy men must not be weak in the place of prayer. The devil understands that money is a great tool to advance the gospel. So, every day, he seeks to harm those who possess greater amount of wealth so that the gospel will not be spread.

You will realize that even in Nigeria, kidnappers seem to target wealthy people to kidnap, so that they would be able to collect huge amount of money from their family as ransom. So, their prime targets are the wealthy people. It is suffice to say these kidnappers are also agents of the devil.

When Isaac had not become wealthy, the Philistines did not envy him or attack him at all. It was after he reaped a hundredfold of harvest that he began to experience severe attacks from the people (Gen. 26:12-15). Therefore, the devil increases the level of his attacks against the Saints as their wealth increases.

The devil will not succeed in his evil plans against you in the name of Jesus. Whether the devil likes it or not, you will not remain poor but you shall be wealthy in the name of Jesus.

Are you blessed?



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