(Frank Talk)

If you don’t know where you’re going, then you don’t know the people to take along with you.

Not “everyone” is relevant to your next level, whether by reason of divine arrangement or by the fact of human variable.

You can’t remain on the same level; the Lord will take you from glory to glory, and as such there are peculiarities of your next level.

Let me first say that if you have people in your life who have believed in you from the scratch; when you were “struggling” in ministry and they kept believing in you and trusting God for greater heights for you, and are always looking forward to your greater tomorrow, then don’t toy with such people.

Such people exist in life and ministry but they’re not much in the majority, and THAT’S THE FACT!!!

Honour such relationships in your life and accord the due honour that they deserve.

However, there are people you can’t afford to take along with you to the next level; they can be very dangerous and toxic to your destiny.

When you see people who continually see you and view you in your “negative past”, then you can’t take them into the future.

Even God blots out our past and gives us a brand new life in Christ – 2 Cor.5:17.

So, people who deal with your negative past are not ready to move with you to the next level. So cut them off. Simple!!!

Also, there are people who subconsciously believe that you must be on the same level.

Any move you make by faith in the direction of the future does not settle well with them.

You can’t afford to take such people along with you to the next level; they will slow you down.

We also have this set of people who always misunderstand your motives.

They see every dealing of God in your heart as showmanship. Such people are not meant for your next level.

By the same token, some people are always critical of you. They criticize your steps and talk you down.

You had better separate yourself from such toxic people, so they don’t infest your spiritual atmosphere and environment.

Furthermore, some are resistant to change. Here you are, going to the next level which requires mental and character adjustment for those who will be in your inner caucus.

Now if you bring people resistant to change to your inner circle, they will serve as a bottleneck to your vision.

This can also happen to a company or an organization. So you have to do the needful.

Finally anyone who relates with you in the flesh and does not see you from a spiritual angle will be very dangerous to your next level. So you’ve got to be of a discerning heart.

These are things that took many fathers of Faith years of experience to learn in ministry.

At times you may not understand events on the landscape on face value but they are not without peculiar reasons.

Sometimes someone is very comfortable with your “little beginning” and he flows well with you but when God begins to increase and expand you, they lose their composure.

Now such people will be very dangerous and toxic to your next level unless they allow the Spirit of God to work on their heart, their mind and their vision.

You don’t need to fight avoidable battles in ministry; you still have a long way to go.

Relationships in ministry are not by FORCE; there must be that MUTUAL LOVE, MUTUAL HONOUR and MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING for things to work out.

Never sacrifice your next level in ministry on the altar of human sentiments.


Nations and generations are waiting for you.

You will not fail them in Jesus’ Precious Name.


I trust this meets us well Sirs and Mas?

Jesus Makes All Things Beautiful!!

Happy Sunday!!!






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