THE GLOOMY CORRIDORS (Episode 46) – Olumide Fatunsin

Peter was engrossed in his admonition when the door was opened and a woman came in. Pastor Matthew was surprised to see Mrs Eunice and her husband. After exchanging pleasantries, he asked if they have an appointment with him but they said his wife informed them that he was in the office. Peter told him to attend to them and was about to leave the office when the couple told him to stsy.

“Pastor, we have a serious issue at hand that demands quick answer.” Mrs Eunice said looking at her husband who sat there like a defeated wrestler.

“Please, go ahead.”

“We have been married for the past three years and my husband, this man sitting here hardly satisfy me. I know you have been married for more than twenty years and we need your help.”

Pastor Matthew had dealt with issues like this before and God has given him the grace to help young couples. They usually organised marriage seminars with mighty testimonies sealing the mark of God’s approval in their ministry.

He turned to Mr Emmanuel and asked him to say his mind.

“Let me be frank with you, we don’t enjoy our sex lives. I was addicted to masturbation before we got married and I find it hard to be satisfied with my wife. As I was getting over the addiction, her complaint is an anti catalyst. I decided to keep to myself just to avoid her outburst.”

“Pastor, did you hear that? Keeping to himself? No woman will tolerate any inactivity on their matrimonial bed. He promised me heaven and earth before we got married not knowing he knows nothing about sex. Pastor, do I need to teach him that?” She complained.

“How did you give birth to Emmanuela? Born of Virgin Eunice or overshadowed by the Holy Spirit?” Pastor Matthew asked her with stone face.

Eunice was confused whether to laugh or show her displeasure,

“Pastor, we came together and God blessed us.” She said.

Then, Pastor Matthew started laughing and said,

“You came together? And you have been coming together until now. I understand your point of view but have you ever asked him how you can help him?”

“No! I can’t help him. He is a man.”

“Are you aware of his struggles with masturbation?”


“Let me ask you, have you ever told him how you want to be satisfied?” Pastor asked her.

“How? He ought to know. Do I have to tell him what he is supposed to have known? I trust David, I mean He ought to know.”

Pastor Matthew looked at her husband who sighed at the mention of David

“Sister Eunice, who is David?”

She was silent for some seconds when her husband answered.

“He was her former boyfriend.”

“Is it true?” Pastor asked.

“Yes sir!”

Pastor Matthew perceived Emmanuel wanted to say something but held back with fear. He told him to say his mind.

“Pastor, she used to compare me with David. She has broken down the wall of my confidence as a man. Each time she isn’t satisfied, she would say it to my face that David would have taken her to the highest cloud without missing his way. Pastor, we pray and read Bible together but she doesn’t joke with this food.”

“Is he saying the truth?” Pastor asked her.

It took her some seconds before she responded,

“Yes! I had dreaded getting married to a spiritual brother because I heard some of them are rigid and inactive. I allowed our choirmaster in my former church to have a taste of me and that experience never left me. Sir, no matter how he tries to satisfy me, I would bring David into the picture.”

Her husband felt vindicated by her confession and waited to hear their Pastor’s response.

“I appreciate your genuine confession. Let me ask you again, is your husband trying enough to satisfy you?”

She nodded affirmatively and the Pastor continued,

“If anyone is in Christ Jesus, old things are passed away like old sinful friends and their evil practices. Behold, all things are now new in your life and marriage. Sister Eunice, as long as you keep cherishing your time and sinful pleasures with David, you cannot be satisfied with your husband. The only gifts you will be giving him will be complaints and anger. You don’t endeavour to let go of your sinful past and embrace the man God has given you.”

He turned to her husband and asked,

“Did you express your displeasure anytime she mentioned his name?”

“Yes, but she would justify her action by telling me to learn the real act and not the usual Christian way.”

“Which one is the Christian way? Pastor asked surprisingly.

“Pastor, I don’t know. Maybe we can ask David.” He said sarcastically.

Pastor Matthew ignored his remark but continued talking to them,

“Do you know that is sinful? It’s adultery. Your body belong to your husband and his body belongs to you. Any other person is a stranger. Sister Eunice, you need to pray to God to forgive you and break that yoke. It is a yoke. Your mind must be renewed by meditating on the word of God. You must be deliberate about loving your spouse. Let his body please you. Do you want your spouse to dress in a particular way that will make your head swell in the secrecy of your home? Go ahead and do it. Reveal your likes and dislikes to foster your love and romantic moves in your marriage.”

When Pastor Matthew knew they were now relaxed and enjoying his admonition, he told them to ask God to forgive them of their sins and shortcomings and promise God to remain faithful to each other. When they had done it, he asked them to hold their hands to make vows of loving each other, cherishing their bodies, to be faithful to each other and ask God for His grace.

“Every man or woman has a past and thank God for the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary. Marriage is a beautiful thing for believers. Jesus Christ is our focus and joy. However, there’s room for improvement…” Eunice looked at her husband. “There’s no need of comparison in the home.” Emmanuel smiled at his wife. Mind you, there’s no timetable for sex. You need to be prepared for it like the way we prepare for the second coming of Jesus Christ.” They burst into laughters and Peter had to hide his face where he sat.

Pastor Matthew drew from his own experience and shared with them.

“The way we started isn’t the same now. We have improved and learned on the job.” Eunice pinched her husband who returned his own too. “We ask questions. We challenge each other. We slice our desires, butter it with romance and enjoy the pleasures to the maximum. God designed it for our pleasures and not for procreation only. I help my wife and make sure she’s not tired. We are together in the building of our marriage and family. If I go extra mile in helping her, she knows something is cooking in the upper room…” They all laughed. “If couples can draw inspiration from Acts 2, there would be outpouring of marital blessings.”

“Acts chapter 2? You mean Holy Spirit baptism?” Emmanuel asked.

“No! Let me read it to you. Both of them paid rapt attention to him.

‘And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place.

2) And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting.

3) And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them.

4) And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.’

The day of Pentecost is any day in marriage. Like I said, there’s no timetable except you are fasting with each other’s consent. They were in one accord in the upper room. Couples must always be in one accord in their union to enjoy the fullness of God’s blessings.

The sound from heaven should come from both of them. This is the sound of love. Romantic words that will melt away the fatigue in the body and discouragement. Everybody feels the effect of wind in the body. The same way there must be physical touch. Not the rigid touch like an old farmer but gentle touch of love that soothes like a balm of Gilead. The love fragrance must fill their house and their union.
Tongues as of fire is the exciting words that will set ablaze the fire of love that burns between the couple alone. It burns but doesn’t consume them. It releases the blessedness of God’s love towards us.
This is now the climax. The Bible says they were filled with the Holy Spirit. There is a fullness of joy as couples enter into the Holy of holies of marital bliss with speaking of tongues of love that cannot be learnt. This is the description of God’s kind of pure marriage.”

Emmanuel and Eunice burst into laughter and told him they never saw it that way. The new revelation of marriage in regards to the Bible verses inspired them.

Pastor Matthew told them the efficacy of God’s words and its application to every area of a believer’s life. He prayed for them and they promised to take necessary actions. They thanked him and Peter for their time.

When they left,. Pastor Matthew received a call.

“What! What happened?”

He turned to Peter and shook his head…

To be continued in Episode 47.


Olumide Fatunsin

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