Being a leader has made you to be enlisted as the prime target of the devil. Get this ingrained in your cerebrum, the devil hates anyone who is a leader. Because he knows that if he succeeds in his attack against the leader of a group, the group can be easily scattered and dealt with.

This is the reason why many children who lost their parents early in life, find it easy to become louts or miscreants in the society. See, an attack on a leader, is an attack on everyone involved in his/her group.

For instance, sometimes, when the enemy wants to pollute or destroy a ministry, he stirs up the heart of the Pastor to begin to teach heresies, or make the Pastor fall into terrible sins.

Read this:

‘’…I will STRIKE THE SHEPHERD and the sheep of the flock will be scattered.’’
(Matthew 26:31).

This is an ageless strategy the devil deploys whenever he wants to wreck a ministry, an association or a thriving company.

Thus, the devil attacks the leaders, knowing full well that once the leaders have been attacked, the followers would scatter.

That was the strategy he deployed when he chose to attack Jesus so that his disciples might scatter.

In fact, there was a time when Absalom wanted to become a king, and Ahithophel advised him to ATTACK DAVID ALONE and his followers would automatically follow him.

I would attack him while he is weary and weak, I would strike him with terror, and then all the people with him will flee. I WOULD STRIKE DOWN ONLY THE KING.
(2 Samuel 17:2).

No wonder the Philistines did not target anyone to kill, than Samson who was their leader at that time. And after his death, Israel was left with no leader for years.

Listen, if you do not do all you can to protect the leaders God has placed upon you, you’ll suffer for it; if the devil succeeds over them.

Our responsibility as believers is to keep praying for our leaders so that they would be able to take the right decisions.

We need to keep praying irrespective of what they do; knowing full well that by the virtue of their position, they have become the prime targets of the devil.

You should not be the first to criticize them when they fall into error. But you are to try as much as possible to restore them in meekness.

I pray that the Lord will keep every leader reading this post, in His will. And may you not fail God and your generation.

Part 3 will be posted tommorow.



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