SERVICE OBJECTIVE(S): Understanding what it takes to maximize new seasons and phases of life

Everyday, week, month and year arrives with a load of benefits from the Lord (Ps. 68:19)
There is a Divine budget or package for every new season of life
It is one thing for Heaven to have a package and it is another thing for us to access or benefit from that package


  1. Identify what to thank God for in the previous year (Ps. 67:5-7; John 6:11-12)
    The earth is programmed to yield her increase to those who know how to thank God (Ps. 67:5-7)
    Identify the gift of life, health, supplies, victory over the enemy etc.
  2. Identify what to put behind you (Phil. 3:13-14; Gen. 13:14-15)
    To access what is ahead of you, there are things that you will have to put behind you
    These are actions, activities, associations, habitations, cohabitations or things that took your time, attention, energy, resources, thought without adding anything to your life that must be terminated this year.
    Abraham could not see his lot until he put Lot behind him (Gen. 13:14)
    There is something you must do differently if you are going to see a difference in 2022
    Don’t be too sentimental about anything to allow it tamper with your destiny
  3. Identify what to put before you (your priority/central focus) (Prov. 4:24-26; Gen. 13:15)
    Focus is the secret of fire
    Focus determines finding
    What belongs to you cannot be found until you are brutally focused
    To define it is to find it; to define it is to discover it
    If you can define it, God can deliver it (Gen. 13:15)
    Have a spiritual goal and have a career goal (Matt. 6:33)
    Have a spiritual focus and have a business foci(Matt. 6:33)
  4. Identify the things that worked that need to be worked again and again (1Cor. 15:58; Acts 2:42,47)
    There is a connection between success and excess (excess of the right thing)
    Continuity is the secret of explosivity
    Refuse to be prematurely satisfied; when you arrive too soon you arrive too small
    Don’t let anybody tell you that you have finished when you have barely started
    There is always a higher realm to attain
  5. Identify what worked that needs to be improved upon (Num. 20:8; Acts 6:1-7)
    There are things that worked for you this year but can be improved upon
    A different approach is the answer to persistent reproach
  6. Identify what God will want you to do or focus on more this year (Acts 9:6)
    God is continually speaking
    God may be speaking to you about your personal walk with Him, with your finances, with your business etc.
    God may ask you to increase your givings, or increase your evangelism and Kingdom service
    6a. The termination of frustration (Luke 5:1-6)
    6b. Abundance of provision (Ps. 23:1-2)
    6c. The exceeding of expectations (Luke 5:1-6)
    6d. The establishment of satisfaction
    6e. The achievement of elevation (Gal. 2:2)
    The Word of God changes your level
  7. Determine to walk uprightly (Ps. 84:11)


Father, thank You for Your Word to us today. To You be all the glory Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

I receive the grace to hear, receive and remember in Jesus’ Name.

Father, I thank You for the gift of life, health and supplies in 2021; thank You Lord because You are revealing to me the things I must put behind me and showing me the things I must put in front of me; thank You for opening my eyes to see the things that worked and must be worked again and to see the things that need to be worked upon; open my ears to hear You and my understanding to know what You are saying. Father, I receive the grace to walk uprightly; thank You Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, please help me to hear what You are saying and see what You are showing; help me Lord not to miss any instruction You are giving me this year. Help me Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, I receive the grace to walk uprightly, to walk in line with Your will and purpose, and to
walk in accordance with Your plan, in Jesus’ Name.


  • Anyone who will not allow you to rest, this first week of January will not expire before they leave you alone!
  • That long awaited deliverance is here!
  • God will anoint you to ruin the enemies of your soul in Jesus’ Name!
  • What is yours no devil shall deny it!
  • Every cage they have kept you, that cage is broken right now and you are out!
  • Every battle of your life, today, the mantle and the backing of this ministration this morning terminates that battle now!
  • Receive the mantle for the termination of your battle!
  • Every chain that has been used to chain your life, that chain is broken!
  • This year is the year you have been waiting for!
  • Every stranger attached to your life, today is their end forever!
  • Every embargo placed on your life that is holding you back, by the prophetic mantle upon my life, I declare you are released!
  • Every package that Heaven has for you in 2022 you shall access it!
  • As you proceed in thanksgiving, praise and appreciation, every man, woman and system holding what is yours shall lose their sleep, peace and rest until they release to you that which belongs to you!
  • How to do it differently and get a change of story, the Lord shall show it to you in this season.
  • In the year 2022, I prophesy the termination of every frustration, the abundance of provision, and the exceeding of all your expectations!

Eliminating curses, establishing blessings

Father, I come before You today to confirm that I belong to You; Jesus, You are my Lord, Saviour and Deliverer; Today I come to refuse, reject and renounce every ancestral, generational, family, curse or power of hell at work against my life and destiny; by the power of the Blood of Jesus, I declare, oh you curse, you are broken! Every altar fighting my destiny today, I command you to catch fire! Every blood sacrifice fighting my life and destiny you are neutralised by the Blood of Jesus; every utterance and spoken word fighting my life and destiny you are reversed by the utterance of Jesus at Calvary where He said it is finished! Every demonic spirit sent on assignment to monitor and hinder my life and destiny, today is your end; you are leaving now. GO!


  • Divine direction shall be your portion
  • Jehovah shall exceed your expectation!
  • The God Who made you to see 2022 will make you to see 2023!
  • The mercy of God shall intervene in the place of judgment
  • Whatever this year is holding belonging to you, I declare they are released!
  • A new chapter of overflowing grace and glory is your portion!
  • A new move of God on your life is hereby released!
  • I prophesy your year of double double! Everything you have been trusting God for all these years shall come in multiple forms!
  • I prophesy the overflowing goodness of God! If it is good then it is yours!
  • I decree unusual ease and speed! Drastic and fearful manifestations of the supernatural
  • I declare the termination of every shame and reproach around your life by the Blood of Jesus!
  • Supernatural wealth, increase, abundance and prosperity are released for you and I prophesy your release into the realm of financial overflow!
  • Every doom, gloom and judgment required for the enemies of God and of the church are released upon you now!

Courtesy: DIGC

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