Every new year is pregnant with endless possibilities – Pst. Korede Komaiya

Every new year is pregnant with endless possibilities and likewise the prophetic word for us – Floodgates Of Mercy has gone forth. God certainly can’t lie and today I unmasked to God’s people determinants for a most glorious 2022.

Mercy is divine compassion and prerogative and one of the greatest gifts given to man from God. Mercy suspends justice and when applied, it overrides the principle of God’s judgment. Faith can fail but God’s compassion cannot fail. Those who obtain Mercy, finds Grace. If you lack Grace, it means you have not obtained mercy. Mercy is the express goodness of God. You can’t get Grace by-passing Mercy. You must first obtain Mercy then Grace will answer.

You cannot become what God has not made you. You need an alignment and a positioning to be made by God. This is the beginning of determining how a year will end. There are DETERMINANTS that determines every outcome. Life in itself is discovered by determinants.

The principle of the first is the principle of God. The principle of the first is the PRINCIPAL DETERMINANT. God is the first and those who make God first can’t come last. Giving God the first is making God the first. Once God is not having the first place in your life, you can’t have your own place in your destiny.

The principle of the first is the principle of one for all. Once the first is captured, the rest is captured. Once the first is corrupt, the rest will be corrupted. Once the first fruit is holy, the others are holy. Therefore, the FIRST is a determinant. This is to concentrate and dedicate the rest.

First fruit secure the blessing over your house. The first fruit is never given to your church, it is given to your Prophet and the blessing is pronounced. Every prophecy leaves you with a responsibility. No prophecy is self fulfilling, fruition is determinant determined!

Courtesy: Pst. Korede Komaiya

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