It Will Soon End with Praise – Pastor J.T Kalejaiye

December 2021 Divine Encounter
The Siege is Over

Text: Acts 6: 1-8; Psalm 30:5b

The lame man was crippled physically, financially and materially.
Many of us have certain things in common with the crippled man.
But the good news is that his situation turned around.

Lessons from the lame man’s story:

  1. His problem defined him. His problem was used to describe him. Same with the woman with the issue of blood.
  2. He was stagnant for decades.
  3. The siege in his life reduced him to a beggar.
  4. He had proximity but no encounter. He was close to the temple but with no encounter.
  5. He was a liability.
  6. He needed help but no one could help him by giving a permanent solution
  7. The man had expectations- he wanted money or what money could buy.
    God exceeded his expectations.

3 possibilities regarding your expectations with God:
• God can give you the exact thing you desire e.g. Elisha’s desire for a double-portion of Elijah’s anointing
• He can exceed them
• He can give you what you didn’t ask for, if you’re close to Him e.g. Mary conceiving Jesus, David becoming king.

  1. He had encountered many men & women of God, but the day he encountered Peter & John, it ended with praise.
    • He experienced divine intervention.
    • He walked out of limitation.
    • After his healing, he went into the temple, and praised God.

Prayer Points

  1. Appreciate God for what He did during the Congress.
  2. Father, please put an end to the bitter stories of my life, and give me better stories to tell.
  3. Father, please let all my challenges end in praise.
  4. Father, I need help. Please command my Peter and my John, and let them locate me.
    Let them help me.
  5. 2021 is about to expire. Father, please don’t let me expire with this year.
  6. Go before our Father and ask for your Christmas and new year presents.

Ask Him to wash you clean with the Blood of Jesus, and to rewrite your destiny.



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