#Shiloh2021: We Owe God Thanks – Pst. David Oyedepo Jnr.


The depth of your understanding determines the effectiveness of your gratitude.

One of the reasons we celebrate is for the diverse fulfilment of prophecies.
You may be able to pay all debts but you can never finish paying the debt of thanksgiving to God.

Blessings require preservatives and the preservative of blessing is thanksgiving.
If you want to see your blessings multiplied, offer thanksgiving unto God.

Give quality thanks unto God to see your blessings multiplied.
God will start with the part before He gives you the whole. When you give Him thanks, He then gives you the best.

Why we must give Thanks

  1. It is a debt that we owe to God. – Luke 17:15-17, Ps. 150:6
  2. To preserve our blessings. – Mal. 2:1-2
  3. To multiply our blessings. – John. 6:6, Acts 2:47
  4. To perfect our blessings – Luke 17:15-19

Your gratitude is what qualifies you for the perfection of your blessings.
Nothing increases in the hand of a complainer but everything multiplies in the hand of a thanksgiver.

It is gratitude that sustains your blessings.
Every act from God requires thanks from man.

#ThanksgivingService #Shiloh2021 #MoreThanAConqueror

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