Operating in the Realm of More than a Conqueror (Part 6) – Bishop David Oyedepo


It is not unspiritual to be challenged but it is unscriptural to be defeated.

It takes meekness to receive God’s instructions, more meekness to receive His corrections, and deep meekness to accept His rebuke.

The spirit of faith empowers believers to dare the ‘undareable’, speak the unspeakable and command enviable results

When you subscribe to fear, you have become its victim – Prov. 29:25

When you believe in truth and in deed, you enter into your rest.

Faith is in degrees. You must feed on the level of faith you have in order to move to the next level.

Build your faith against the day of battle. When your faith comes alive, you have rest.

A believer who does not take personal responsibility will end up as a liability.

There is nothing in the word of the unsaved that should cause fear in your life.

There is nothing in the bragging of the devil and his agents to cause fear in you.

Our redemption qualifies us for the blessings of Abraham. – Gen. 12:3

The church is the light of the world. Without the church, the world will be in darkness.

Every man is a victim of what he fears; don’t fear what others fear.

Every gift of God is freely available to everyone who covets them.




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