• Your pastors and spiritual leaders are humans like you, so they are first men before been called “ Men of God” stop expecting perfection, instead learn to intercede for them.

*The pressure you will not place upon your biological parents, try not to put your spiritual leaders there. Some people will attack, harass and box their spiritual leaders due to their personal needs; rent, fees for children etc. When you are helped by the church it is part of the gospel and not a right that you keep demanding for.

*Couples try and understand your spouses, when they come back from counseling, services etc. Allow them rest, if you can not solve the problem at least do not add to it.

*One killer of a prophetic profit is “Gossip” “ Familiarity” etc. You can stay around a spiritual authority for as long as you want, if your heart is bitter in secret and you are not dedicated, the man of God will pray for you as it should be, but God who sees the inward will determine if the anointing will work for you or pass you by.

*Church Prophetic prostitution can also deny a man of prophetic profit, waiting upon God is building spiritual capacity to wait upon God, if Hannah kept seeking the face of God in Shiloh until she was answered, seek God and honor man, if your must leave let it be a spiritual l leading or change of location.

I Pray for you, May your life be profitable in all areas in Jesus Mighty name.


Hebrew 13:17


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