Engaging the Ministry of Teaching Priests for Light – Bishop David Abioye


Light is life; it is the beginning of all creation.

Access to light determines the quality of life.

The duty of a priest is two-fold: to pray, representing the people before God and representing God to the people.

Teaching priests are agents of enlightenment and illumination.

Without teachers, believers will remain in captivity.

It is in the light of our teachers that we see light. – Ps. 36:9

The more the intensity of the light from a teacher, the greater the liberation those under them enjoy.

Functions of the Teaching Priests

  1. They are eye-openers.- Acts 8:26-35
  • Teachers help us to see that all things are possible
  1. They are light bearers – Ps. 36:9
  • It is in the light of our teachers that we see light.
  1. They are interpreters of the Word. – Acts 30:32, Job 33:21-25
  • They guide us into our redemptive rights.
  1. They are feeders. – John 21:15-16, Ps. 110:1-2
  • They feed us with the knowledge to develop our spiritual muscles.
  1. They are sent to bring us to the same level of their faith in God. – Eph. 4:13, 2 Cor. 4:13

Those who crave light often end up as more than a conqueror.

How to Maximise the Ministry of Teaching Priests

  1. Always pray that your ears and eyes are open to what they teach. – Eph. 1:17
  2. Crave to receive the Word. – Luke 5:1, Acts 8:31, Dan 9:2
  3. Respond with humility to their scripturally based corrections and instructions. – 2 Chr. 15:8
  4. Continue steadfastly in the application of their teachings. – Acts 2:23, Luke 8:46




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