Engaging the Covenant Power of Wealth – Pastor David Ibiyeomie



What you don’t hate, you cannot conquer; if you don’t hate poverty, you cannot conquer it.

The gospel of Jesus has two parts: His person and His principles.

If you are poor today, the devil is not your problem.

God wants you to prosper so that you can carry out His great commission on the earth.

God wants you to enjoy life, not endure life.

Many stay poor because they cannot trust the character of God.

No matter where you are in any part of the world, you can prosper.

Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law including poverty. – Gal. 3:13

Categories of people in every Society

  1. Those who depend on people to help them. – Luke 16:20-21
  2. Those who talk about the happenings around.
  • They don’t create wealth, or have value for wealth.
  1. Kingdom investors.

Any love that does not involve your money is fake.

The proof of love is in the passion to give.

You can’t struggle with tithing and claim to love God.

If you don’t tithe, you don’t have the foundation for prosperity.

When God tells you to sow it is because He has a harvest in mind for you.

God will never expect you to give what He has not given to you in the first place.

God treasures every giver.

To prosper in hardship, be a problem solver. – Gen. 41:38-41

Everything created is a solution to a problem on earth.

Money is available everywhere because there are problems everywhere.

A problem is the birthplace of promotion; people will only look for you when you are able to solve problems.

Always exceed people’s expectations, refuse to work in mediocrity.

The more problems you solve, the wealthier you become.

Excellence is doing common things in an uncommon way.

If you want to prosper in whatever you do, put a touch of excellence to it.

Decisions will not make you prosper until that decision is backed with practical action.

You prosper by giving and you remain prosperous by giving.

How to Engage the Covenant Power of Wealth

  1. Love for God. – Rom 5:5
  2. Be a problem solver.
  3. Trustworthiness – 1 Tim. 6:17-19
  4. Excellence – Phil. 1:10




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