Engaging Kingdom Priority Stewardship – Pastor Folorunsho Paul


Bible Verse: Matt. 6:33

Kingdom stewardship is one of our accesses to a life of more than a conqueror.

Being more than a conqueror means you are not struggling, yet you are possessing your possessions.

Kingdom stewardship is a tireless investment of your time, energy, resources and all that you have towards the advancement of the kingdom of God.

Whatever God has put in you is primarily for the advancement of His kingdom.

Break away from anything that will not allow you to give your best to God.

Your greatness is in the quality of your service in the kingdom.

When kingdom matters become your priority, God will keep manifesting in every area of your life.

Serving the interest of the kingdom is a choice, not a calling or a gift. – Josh. 24:15, 2 Chr. 15:12

The position you give God in your heart determines the position He places you in on the earth.

Why you must seek the Interest of the Kingdom

  1. It is a commandment.
  2. To enjoy a life of noiseless breakthroughs
  3. To keep God continuously at work in your life, thereby turning you into a living wonder – John 14:21

When you give to the kingdom, you are not helping God; it is a spiritual transaction to open up your blessings. – Gen. 8:22, Luke 6:38

Platforms of Kingdom Service

  1. Kingdom advancement prayers. – Matt. 6:9-10, Luke 2:36-37
  • Praying for the salvation and establishment of souls. Col. 4:12
  • Praying for the growth of the Church. – Matt. 16:18, Matt. 24:28
  1. Soul-winning. – John 15:16, Matt. 28:19-20
  • The soul of man is valuable to God. Luke 14:23, Matt. 16:26
  1. Through your finances. 1 Chron. 29:3
  • Giving is a spiritual transaction to open up your blessings.

Financial prosperity responds to qualitative kingdom stewardship. – Gen. 8:22




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