#Shiloh2021: The Place of Rhema (Part 2) – Bishop David Oyedepo


God still speaks today; He can speak to you directly or through the pages of Scriptures.

Nothing destroys doubt like access to the voice of God. His voice is powerful and full of majesty – Ps. 29:4-6

The voice of God is behind every statement of scriptures.

God’s voice behind the Scriptures thunders; His instructions come in a still small voice.

When you open your Bible to read, await the news from the Father. – Isa. 34:16

To Hear the Voice of God

  1. Engage the altar of the prayer of inquiries. – Jer. 33:3, 2 Sam. 5:18-20
  • Only those who ask questions are entitled to answers. 1 Sam. 30:6-9
  1. Be committed to walking in the Spirit. – Rev. 1:10, Gal. 5:25
  2. Be committed to a lifestyle of praise. Isa. 30:30, Phil. 4:4
  • Rejoicing is a requirement for you to remain on course with God.

Hearing from God is not a gift, it is a birthright.




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