Operating in the realm of More than a Conqueror (Part 5) – Bishop David Oyedepo

Ephesians 1:21, Romans 8:27
Your level of faith determines the level of God’s manifestation in your life. – Heb. 11:1
You operate as more than a conqueror through faith. – Eph. 2:8

Without faith, your redemption has no substance.
Faith determines your dimension of breakthrough in life.
We belong to the tribe of Judah, by that, we have been made spiritual lions. – Gen. 49:10

You can’t prevail as a sheep, you can only prevail as a lion.

Spiritual Virtues that Stir the Manifestation of Supernatural Faith

  1. Encounters with the Word. – 2 Tim. 1:6
  • It is your encounter with the Word that stirs the spirit of faith into manifestation.
  1. Encounters on the prayer altar. – Acts 4:23, 31-33, Luke 9:28-29
  • The altar of prayer is not only for asking and receiving, it’s an altar of encounter.

The prayer altar is the throne of grace; as you pray in the Spirit, He unravels the mysteries around your life.

Prayer is a vital tool for stirring the gifts of God in you.

  1. Encounters with testimonies. – Ps. 119:111
  • Testimonies are helpers of your faith, stop reacting against them.

Testimonies are the clearest interpretations of the truth.




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