Engaging the Power of Love. (Part 2) – Pastor (Mrs) Faith Oyedepo



For your faith to produce optimally, you require a fresh baptism of love for God.

The more you love God, the more the anointing flows in your direction.

What works by Love?

  1. Revelation works in the life of God’s lovers. – John 15:15
  • The more you love God, the greater your insight into His word.
  1. Faith works by love. Faith will only produce with the depth of your love for God. – 1 Kgs. 19:14
  • As powerful as faith is, it can only produce at the level of our love for God
  1. The Anointing – Ps. 45:8
  • The anointing increases with your love for God
  1. Love is required for prayers to be answered. – Isa 65:24, 1 Chr. 29:3
  • Kingdom prosperity answers to love

Holiness is a key attribute of God, and every lover of God must strive to please Him.

Proofs of your Love for God

  1. Love for God’s Word.
  2. Love for Righteousness. – Ps. 45:7
  3. Love for His house.
  4. Love for Souls. – John 21:17
  5. Love for fellow believers.
  6. Love for the needy.
  7. Giving towards the advancement of God’s kingdom.




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