THE GLOOMY CORRIDORS (Episode 44) – Olumide Fatunsin

Then her phone rang. When she saw the caller, she showed it to Anne who shouted, “Holy Spirit!”. When Lisa picked Debby’s call, she heard her sobbing and prophesying into her life. Debby used to be emotional whenever she prays in the Spirit and it wasn’t strange to her. Lisa went on her knees and listened to every word the Lord sent to her. When she finished, Lisa thanked her for confirming what Pastor Helen had told her about the special ministry God has for her family.

“I was reading the account of Ruth who followed Naomi to Israel without any string attached to her commitment. She obeyed her mother-in-law without any complaint and God eventually rewarded her with a wonderful husband and a glorious child. I was about appropriating it to my life when the Lord laid it upon my heart that you have been called from the wilderness of sorrow and loneliness into the land of abundance to show forth the glory of God. Lisa, I felt it in my spirit that something great is about to happen to you that will change your level forever…” Debby narrated.

Lisa didn’t wait for her to finish when she broke the news of her husband’s reunion and the great transformation God wrought in him. Debby burst into praises to God for His faithfulness and for restoring her joy.

“Debby, God is with you Indeed. Everything you prophesied is the truth and your words confirmed what the Lord had promised me. We may be friends but I honour God’s grace upon your life.” Lisa confessed.

Debby decided to open up on how God used her to amend her ways. She reminded her how she insulted her about marriage which brought to the surface of the underlying anger in her. Lisa was surprised to hear her confession of sin of anger which she rarely showed in her presence.

“The Lord revealed to me that anger is anger whether it is visible or not. I had a way of suppressing my anger to appear righteous before people but God used my relationship with you to deal with it. Though, you taunted and mocked me, God used it to break me. It was a painful experience for me but it worth the process. Sometimes, God will deliberately place a believer with an unbeliever or a difficult person to bring out self and the hidden work of the flesh in our lives. If we are sensitive, we would surrender to His pruning process and come out shinning and flourishing to the glory of God.” Debby revealed.

“So, it is not every inconvenient situation that’s of the devil?”

“Yes! Moses’ growing up in Pharaoh’s palace was God’s will. Jacob’s sojourn with Laban was God’s will. Daniel in the den of lions was God’s will. Hannah’s long waiting period before Samuel came was God’s will. The process wasn’t convenient but God glorified Himself in their lives. Every believer will pass through God’s school of self pruning before we can fulfil our full mandates.” Debby explained.

After their conversation, Lisa prayed with her children and went to bed. As she lay on the bed, she thought about her long years with only Charlie, her journey into depression, starvation of conjugal bliss, deprivation of true peace and her new faith in Christ Jesus which is the ultimate. She thought of the peculiar exoeriences she had gained and wherein laid her strength. She began to doze until she reached the dream land where she saw a tall man forcibly asking for her hand in marriage. Upon a closer look, she saw a strange mark in his face and took to her heels. He pursued after her calling her to marry him. Lisa ran and called on the Lord Jesus to rescue her until another man appeared. Her husband held her hand and turned to the strange man pursuing her. As they held their hands, Peter raised his voice to God to rain his judgement upon their enemies and fire came down from heaven and consumed the strange man. They rejoiced together after the great deliverance.

When she woke up, the Lord directed her to read Matthew 18 verse 19.

“Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.”

After she read it, she understood what the dream meant. Lisa prayed to God to be united with her husband to defeat all their enemies. She took her time to pray for her husband and for grace to start afresh with him. Later in the day, Charlie reminded her of her birthday in three day’s time and there hasn’t been any concrete plan to celebrate as planned before.

“I will invite my friends to come and see my super dad!” Charlie said with joy.

“Can you recognise him if you see him?” Lisa asked him.

“Of course! He is just like me. He resembled me.” Charlie said.

“How did you know?” Anne asked.

“Our Sunday school teacher told us that we are like God because we are His children. So, I look like my father. I have seen him also in the picture.” Charlie concluded and they laughed it off.

Debby and Dennis’ relationship was growing stronger day after day. Debby’s parents were glad when she told them about Dennis. Her father called her to ask where he hailed from. When she told him, he kicked against it by telling her the terrible history of the town.

“Dennis may be good but I will not allow any of my children to marry from there. I know, at least five of my friends whose children married from the same town and remained barren until they divorced or died mysteriously. Debby, you don’t have a husband yet.” Debby couldn’t stand to hear her father saying that about Dennis she had promised to spend the rest of her life with.

Debby called her mother to inform her of her father’s decision but she stood with her for the first time with a promise to defend her. Debby thanked her and pleaded with her to persuade her father. Her father’s call spoilt her day at work and ruined her mood until the evening. She was about to prepare her dinner when she received a text message from Dennis which completely ruined her mood. She quickly picked her phone to call him. When he finally picked it, Debby was anxious to hear what he would say. Dennis told her that…

To be continued in Episode 45.


Olumide Fatunsin

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