Open things make common men, secret things make stars in the kingdom – Bishop David Abioye

MESSAGE TITLE: Engaging the Power of Divine Secrets. Deut. 29:29

As children of God, we are entitled to the secrets of God.

Secrets are winning cards for those who will become more than conquerors.

A secret is not what you can study or learn, it can only be received as delivered by God.

Secrets cannot be copied; every child of God is entitled to specific secrets from God.

The stardom of men from the scriptures, was rooted in the secrets they discovered.

Secrets cannot be contested or competed.

Those who have the secrets of God have no competitors.

Examples of those who had access to Divine Secrets

  1. Joseph – Gen. 41:38-41
  • Through divine secrets, Joseph became enthroned.
  • The breath of God is the secret of God and it came upon Joseph, even in prison.
  1. Daniel – Dan. 2:17-19
  • Daniel got to a high ranking place in a strange land without screening or human endorsements.
  1. Job – 1:1-3
  • Job operated by the secret of God and become the greatest man of his days
  1. Paul.

-He was a great intellectual but he valued divine secrets.

  • It was not intellectualism that made Paul, but his access to divine secrets. How to Access Divine Secrets
  1. New birth – Mark 4:11
  • The gateway to divine secrets is New Birth.
  • The gift of eternal life in Christ gives you access to the secrets of God.
  1. Walking in the fear of God – Isa. 41:8
  • Walking in the fear of God makes you a friend of God, thereby you gain access to the secrets of God.
  1. Be in love with God – 1 John 4:8
  • If you deepen your love for God, you gain further access into the secrets of God.
  • Your love for God can take you beyond what God initially planned for you.
  1. Engage in Prayers of enquiry – Dan 2:17-19, Matt 7:7
  • Learn to pray in the language of the Holy Ghost on a daily basis.
  1. Be committed to walking the Spirit – Rev. 1:10
  2. Engage in prayer and fasting
  • Fasting is for your spiritual adjustments; it does not change God but it changes you and everything around you.
  • When you fast, your body is disciplined and your spirit rises.
  1. Always acknowledge God as the source of your ‘more than a conqueror’ exploits. – Gen. 41:15-16, Dan. 2:19
  • Always be thankful because those who are thankful are always inspired.


May the secrets of heaven that we have been enjoying as a commission come upon you today!

With divine secrets, you will never be stranded again!

From Shiloh 2021, everyone that has looked down on you will begin to look up to you!

People will start glorifying your God from now!




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