Engaging the Power of Wisdom – Bishop Thomas Aremu


MESSAGE Eccl. 9:13-14

You need uncommon wisdom to be more than a conqueror.

Wisdom is relevant everywhere and for everything.

Wisdom, knowledge and understanding work hand in hand, packaged in the Holy Spirit.

No matter how wise you are today, you must build on it before tomorrow otherwise, the success of today may become a failure tomorrow.

The transforming power of wisdom made Joseph a Prime Minister despite all he faced in a strange land.

The fear of the Lord is at the root of supernatural wisdom.

No intellectual search or currency can give wisdom.

The root of wisdom is the fear of the lord, and the fruit is departure from iniquity.

If you don’t purpose in your heart not to sin, you will keep falling and rising.

The fear of the Lord is a holy reverence for God which makes us to depart from sin.




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