Shiloh 2021 Day 1
Encounter Night
Testimony by Pastor and Deaconess Adebayo

Praise the Lord, Shiloh 2021!!
We are Pastor and Deaconess Adebayo from LFC Arepo Ogun State. 21 years barrenness destroyed
We are 100 per cent sons and daughters of the Prophet in the house, we are here to celebrate God’s faithfulness and the triumph of faith over the works of the devil. ChurchGist. Truly 2021 is our year of supernatural turn around as a family, and our God is good unto them that wait for him.

We got married in year 2000, 21 years ago and we expected the fruit of the womb early in the marriage. However, this was not the case but we kept believing the validity of what God has written concerning us in the Word of God. We waged intense war against discourages and many other medical verdicts thrown at us by the devil. ChurchGist. From Low sperm count to no sperm count, hormonal imbalance to multiple fibroids, years rolled by but we are undeterred instead we threw ourselves into kingdom service at every capacity we were privilege to serve.

We bore his reproach outside the gate, going out for him in soul winning endeavors and in decorator every time, we took activities in all the wonder double operation and make kingdom lifestyle prayer a daily lifestyle in our family. ChurchGist. Nobody could see it on us that we had such a challenge as we are always joyful and not give room for anyone to pity us, we doggedly attend Father and Mothers of nation classes in every Shiloh, where Mama use to declare to us that “if it is not in our hands come next Shiloh, it will be in our womb”, which we believe and always look forward too.

During the Covenant Day of Fruitfulness Service of year 2020 within the Lockdown as we connected to Canaanland, Papa instructed that we lay our baby item on the floor and we just did that in faith, and this time we were confident that something has happened in the Spirit realm in our favour. ChurchGist. Afterward I heard this unforgettable encounter with mama in my dream in July, 2020 where she echoed what she used to proclaim to us in the Fathers and Mothers of Nation classes, this time the encounter was undeniable and so real. To the Glory of God, I was confirmed pregnant in September 2020, and this bouncing baby boy was born on the 25th April, 2021, exactly a week to the 40th anniversary of the Liberation Mandate.


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