• If God has called you to be an assistant, abide in that calling.
  • You don’t need to be a founder to excel and make impact in ministry.
  • Bishop David Abioye, Bishop Sackey, Rev. Tom Amenkhenan, Bishop S. J. Wakili Power, etc, are examples of impactful, influential and successful assistants.
  • Remember, if you are not faithful in that which is another man’s, who will give you your own.
    To be a good assistant, do the following:
  1. Cover the nakedness of your leader.
  • Don’t be like Ham that talked about the nakedness of his father in public, rather be like Shem and Japheth that covered their father’s nakedness.
  • Should your leader go wrong, intercede for him privately.
  • Tell it not in Gath and publish it not in the streets of Ashkelon.
  • That you are not supposed to be a partaker of another man’s sin does not mean you should be a broadcaster of another man’s sin.
  1. Make up for the mistakes, misdeeds and misdemeanors of your leader.
  • If your leader is weak in an area, develop strength in that area to help him and the ministry.
  • Don’t use his mistakes against him rather make up and fill the blank spaces.
  1. Believe in your leader.
  • There is no need following someone you don’t believe in.
  • Let people know that you believe in him.
  1. Talk positively about your leader publicly.
  • Always talk about your leader.
  • Quote his messages and wise sayings.
  • Amplify and magnify him before people.
  1. Don’t grieve him.
  • Bishop David Oyedepo recently showered encomiums on Bishop Abioye for not grieving his heart.
  • Bishop Oyedepo and Bishop Dag Heward Mills always eulogize their assistants to high heavens.
  • Avoid betrayal, unfaithfulness, breakaway, rebellion etc.
  1. Preach and teach exactly what your leader is preaching and teaching.
  • Don’t preach another gospel from what your leader is preaching.
  • If you are not comfortable with the teachings of your leader, resign and leave instead of being a trouble maker and destroying yourself in the process.
  1. Have the spirit of your leader.
  • After having the Spirit of God, endeavour to have the spirit of your leader.
  • There were all baptized into Moses. Be baptized into your leader.
  • Apostle Paul said of his spiritual son Pastor Titus, “WALKED WE NOT IN THE SAME SPIRIT”.
  • It was said of Elisha, the spirit of Elijah doeth rest on Elisha.
  1. Honour and respect your leader.
  • Elisha honoured and respected Elijah.
  • Joshua honoured and respected Moses.
  • Bishop Abioye honours and respects Bishop Oyedepo.
  • Bishop Sackey honours and respects Bishop Dag.
  1. Always be spiritually prepared.
  • Live your life in such a way that you can stand in for your leader at anytime.
  • Grow spiritually so that you can represent your leader well.
  1. Stand by your leader through tough times.
  • Bishop Abioye resigned his job in Kwara and followed Bishop Oyedepo to Kaduna to grow the ministry that seemingly had no future then.
  • Bishop Sackey left his job and legal practice to grow the ministry with Bishop Dag Heward Mills.
  • Pastor Tom Amenkhenan left all in Edo State to join Pastor Chris Oyakhilome in Lagos to grow the ministry.
  • Bishop Wakili Power resigned from his lucrative accounting job to labour with Archbishop John Praise.
  • Don’t abandon your leader in time of crises.
    Mfon Udoema

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