HGC2021: The Siege Is Over – Pastor E.A Adeboye

Holy Ghost Congress: Day 1 Evening

Text: Psalm 100:1-4

Salient points to note from Pst. E.A Adeboye’s Ministration:

1. A siege traps a city and its citizens.

2. A siege leads to fear within and outside.

3. When a city is besieged, the only way of freedom is to get help from outside, unless help comes from outside, the people in the city are finished.

4. The greatest help and the one that is sure, is the help that comes from the Lord.

5. When a city is under siege, it affects everybody. When there is a siege, you don’t look for the king, the president or the governor for help. There is one person to call upon, and that is God.

God is willing to help someone tonight” – Pst E.A Adeboye

How do I contact God who can help me?

The only way for the gate of the King of Kings to be open unto you, is thanksgiving.

There are people who think that God has not done anything for them, which is not true. For example, He gives us air to breathe, free of Charge. If you want to know the value of being able to breathe, ask those that survived corona virus.

The devil is laying siege on the resources of people

The devil is laying seige on the prayer life of people, because he knows that if you cry out, God will hear you.

“God is going to lift your siege this week” – Pst. E.A Adeboye

What is thanksgiving?

– Thanksgiving is a way of thanking God for what He has done for you in the past.

– God gives you air to breathe, free of charge. That’s something to be thankful of. Thank God He makes air free of charge.

• After entering the gate, there is the courtyard.
– If you want to enter the courtyard, you must do it with Praise.

What is Praise?

– Praise is telling God, recounting to His Hearing what He has done before.

– It is stating His track record.

After the courtyard, begin to Worship Him.

– What does it mean to Worship Him?

– To worship Him means to tell Him who He is. When you do that, He’d ask what you want Him to do for you. John 28:33-34
When you Worship Him, you won’t have to remind Him about what He needs to do. Psalm 68:1-3. The moment you can get God to arise for you, your siege is over.

Prayer Points

– You’re going to Thank God

– Thank Him for everything.

-Praise Him for Who He is.

-Remind Him about what He has done before.

-Worship The Lord.

– Tell Him who He is to you.

Salvation Call

Cry to the Almighty God to save your soul.
Ask Him to forgive and wash away all your sins.
Ask God to wash you clean. Ask Him to receive you into His Family.

Evening session
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