THE GLOOMY CORRIDORS (Episode 43) – Olumide Fatunsin

Peter rested his head on his hand as he thought deeply on what the Pastor had shared with him. He was about to reveal more about Josephine when his phone rang. He informed them that it was a call from Josephine but the Pastor asked him to put it on speaker,

“Pascal, your time is almost up! Choose between the two options. I will advise you to take the second option. Don’t you want to live?”

Peter was silent while Pastor Matthew wrote on a paper. He raised the paper for him to read it to her.

“Josephine, I have found a substitute. Don’t worry.’

Josephine laughed and asked for the identity.

“You know Lisa is nowhere to be found. None of your family is here. Do you realise the tight corner you are presently? C’mon, use your common sense and dance to my tune.”

When Peter insisted he had found a substitute, she challenged him to produce the substitute the following day, or else there would be serious repercussion. When she hung up, Peter turned to Pastor Matthew trembling and asked for his help.

“I can’t help you. My wife can’t help you even your wife can’t do anything.” Pastor Matthew confessed.

“Please, I’m dying. I need a helper. I want to be free again. Please, help me.” Peter pleaded again.

“Jesus’Christ is the only helper who can deliver you. He is the perfect substitute and restorer of life. Call upon him and he will deliver you. Nothing is too hard for him. Are you willing to surrender to Him?”

Peter cried out before Pastor Matthew finished speaking, “I surrender my life to Jesus Christ. Save my soul and redeem me. I need you in my life.”

Pastor Matthew saw his readiness and led him to the great Saviour. Peter confessed and repented of his sins and accepted Jesus Christ to be his Lord and Saviour. Pastor Matthew then prayed for him and assured him of God’s willingness and ability to continue to keep and guide him.

After the prayers, Peter turned to his wife,

“Lisa, I’m back to my Saviour, the lover of my soul. I’m back to my wife who endured and sacrificed for me. I’m sorry once again for breaking my vow and causing all the crises in our marriage. I take full responsibility and I’m sorry. Please, find a place in your heart to forgive me. Lisa, forgive me!”

Lisa was already in tears while Pastor Helen held her left hand. All eyes were on her as they waited impatiently for her response. She wiped her face and looked at Pastor Helen who nodded with a smile. She then looked at Pastor Matthew who sat beside Peter and.he equally nodded with a smile. She bowed her head for some seconds before looking at Peter who was eagerly waiting for a positive response.

“I…I…forgive you. I forgive you from the depth of my heart.”

Peter couldn’t rise up because of his pain but Lisa came to sit beside him. What a joy to behold how they hugged each other with tears of joy while Pastor Matthew and his wife clapped for them. The restored couple waa still in the lovely position when Pastor Matthew and his wife started praying and prophesying into their lives, marriage and family. Peter and Lisa kept responding to their prayers with “Amen” until the Pastors held their hands and jointly pronounced God’s blessings of newness, oneness, fruitfulness and fulfillment in all ramifications. Later, Pastor Matthew brought a non-alcoholic wine to give a toast to the newly restored couple and they rejoiced together.

Based on their joint decision, Peter was in the meantime lodged in a hotel for safety reasons. When Lisa got home, she informed her children of God’s miracle and shared the testimony with them.

“Wow! Daddy is back! I will inform my friends that I have a super dad too!” Charlie exclaimed with joy.

Anne saw the joy on her mother’s face and asked her,

“Mum, you are the real heroine. I have observed you since we reunited and one thing stands out: You are.truly a strong mother!”


“Ever since I came back, I could see your love for my father. Despite his faults and attitudes, you still hope for his return. I salute your courage, Mum!”

“My daughter, something in me still cleaved to him and I felt incomplete without him. The more I tried to erase his love and memory from my mind, the more I felt the vacuum that only him could fill apart from God. Anne, it was beyond my ability.”

“Didn’t you think about divorce?” Anne asked.

“Of course. Some of my colleagues suggested and some relatives persuaded me to do so. I once approached a lawyer who promised to help but later stopped responding to my emails. It’s like my husband took away part of me which must be returned. One part of me kept waiting for him while the other part rebelled against him. It landed me on the hospital bed but God delivered me. The struggle was real but somehow I had inner peace whenever I thought of our humble beginning and his vision for God’s assignment. I didn’t know much then and even stood on his way with my constant complaints…”

“Mum, does it mean you didn’t provide the needed support then?”

“Exactly! Like I shared with Pastor Helen, I had my own shortcomings and faults too. I have come to realise that for every problem or challenge in a marriage, no partner is totally exempted from its cause. Only the proportions may differ. I take the blame for being insensitive and not watchful enough to know the tactics of Josephine. After all, my husband didn’t know Josephine before but through me. He once raised the issue of her indecent dressing with me shortly before our wedding but I told him to discipline his eyes. Sometimes, wives can sense when danger is drawing closer to their husbands from afar but in my own case, I wasn’t bothered and paid dearly for it.”

“Hmnn, a wife is more sensitive to know when a strange woman is trying to woo her husband?” Anne asked to confirm her words.

“It is a belief which I’m sure holds true. It’s more like an intuition but Holy Spirit is the best teacher and guide who leads true children of God.”

“Yes mum! This reminds me of what I read in the Bible this morning how the Holy Spirit ministered to Peter to follow the men Cornelius sent to him. When I meditated on the chapter, the importance and guidance of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer cannot be overemphasized.” Anne explained.

Lisa smiled and held her daughter’s hand,

“That’s the truth! I’m sure the Holy Spirit ordered my steps today to meet my husband. He ordered Debby’s steps to see and help you at the airport. In fact, he guided me to meet Debby in the supermarket on that beautiful day. Debby has stood with me in my high and low moments. God finally used her to bring me to Jesus’ feet at Calvary where I repented of my sins and accepted him into my life. Thank you Holy Spirit for your guidance!”

Then her phone rang. When she saw the caller, she showed it to Anne who shouted, “Holy Spirit!”. When Lisa picked Debby’s call, she heard her sobbing and …

To be continued in Episode 44.


Olumide Fatunsin

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