Provoking Ssupernatural Turnaround by the Word – Pastor Winner Idachaba

The greatest key to provoke the supernatural is by what you say. Nothing stirs up the supernatural like what you say.

It is with words that you control the supernatural. If you want to experience supernatural turnaround, you must be deliberate about the things you say.

To command the attention of the supernatural, you must have the right words to speak. Like our father in the Lord says, a closed mouth is a closed Destiny because whatever you say determines what you will see.

For you to experience the supernatural, you must first of all move and that move you must make is to consistently decree over your life.

When you have the right words in your mouth, only one thing is permitted to happen and that is the supernatural, will move in your life and there will be a supernatural turnaround in your direction.

For you to experience supernatural turnaround in your life, you have to keep speaking the right things. You need to have the right words on your lips for you to provoke the supernatural in your direction.

In this season, Get the word of God in your mouth. You need to understand that there is nothing that happens to us that God has not provided a solution to. Your ability to declare the applicable word to your situation is what introduces the supernatural in your direction because God will always move in the direction of His word.

It doesn’t really matter what you’re going through but how you come out of it is what is most important and that key is what is being given to you today.

What you say is what will bring testimonies into your life. The word of God is like a magnet so whenever God hears you speaking His words, He is forced to move in your direction.

The reason why you’ve not experienced supernatural turnaround is because you’ve not started speaking the right words According to the word of God.

You must consistently speak the word of God over your situations for you to come out of whatever predicaments you’re going through. As you decree the right words, your testimonies Shall come in Jesus name.

You must get the word of God and begin to declare consciously and constantly;

  1. The sent word or the written word: Psalm 107:20

You receive the sent word as you sit under a man of God and when you sit with the word of God, you’re receiving the written word.

As the sent words are being declared by the servant of God, those words will deliver you from every destruction that the enemy has orchestrated because you’re sitting under the sent word of God.

If you want to enjoy this, you need to listen to messages more so as to receive the sent word of God. The reason why you’re not consistent with the word is because the devil knows if he allows you to be consistent, you’ll be free so he’ll fight you and make sure you’re not consistent.

It is therefore important to strive to be consistent with the word because therein lies your freedom.
Psalm 105;19-21

You need to first receive the word then the word of God will try you and after then will you experience turnaround in your life.

  1. The spoken or the declared word:Joel 3:10b

You will get what you say!

The word of God that you declare over your situation is what you will see manifest in your life. Whatever area that you experience weakness, what you’re meant to say or decree is strength. Mark 11:23

Whatever you say with faith in your heart, it will definitely come to pass.

This morning, it is important for you to be cautious of the kind of words that you say because Death and Life are in the power of the Tongue (Proverbs 18:21)

If you’re going through anything that is contrary, do not declare negative words rather declare God’s word over that situation and you’ll see God move in your direction.

Negative comments or declaration only establish that predicament in your life. 1 Peter 3:10

If you love life, refrain your Tongue from evil.
Never speak evil from your tongue concerning your life and other people because words don’t die.
Words are seeds that will definitely grow into something in the nearest Future.

Never say what you don’t mean! Your responsibility is to begin to declare the sent word into your situation. The reason why there is a struggle to declare the right words in negative situation is because we have not received the sent word, you’ve not eaten the word of God.

For you to declare the right words, you should have received the sent word and digested it so that it has become a part you.

You lack what to say because you’ve not eaten the word of God.

If you want to speak the right thing in your life, you need to continually sit with the word of God

The success of the declared word is dependent on how far and how long you’ve sat with the word of God.

Anytime you say what God says, He will always answer.

God wants you to enjoy supernatural turnaround by His word but a large portion is dependent on your actions and the words you speak.

As long as you keep declaring the right words, there’ll be a supernatural Turnaround and where there is supernatural turnaround, there will definitely be testimonies.

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