THE GLOOMY CORRIDORS (Episode 42) – Olumide Fatunsin

Lisa felt the urge to ask him about Josephine,

“Where is Josephine?”

“Josephine? How did you know?”She is the one disturbing me with her calls.” Peter answered.

Still not satisfied, Lisa asked Pastor,

“Pastor, ask him who Josephine is and her relationship with him?”

Then, Pastor Matthew asked him but he waited for some seconds before responding,

“Josephine and I met in a conference in Buenos Aires. She got the tip from Lisa and travelled to the conference venue. I was elated to meet her and in my sincerity, I allowed her to visit me in my hotel room. The next thing I found was her lying beside me early the next day. In my desperation to find out what happened, she warned me to keep it secret, otherwise she would expose me. That marked the beginning of my relationship with her…”

Lisa cried out, “My God! My chief bridesmaid? A great betrayer!”

Pastor Helen came to sit beside her and comfort her.

Peter continued, “She told me she had kept her eyes on me since the day Lisa introduced me to her. Josephine wasn’t her first choice of chief bridesmaid but Josephine manipulated her to have better access to me. Do you still remember what she did on our wedding day?”

Lisa faced Pastor Matthew, “I was so naïve. She told me she loves my husband and even hugged him tightly in our hotel room after the wedding. Who does that, Pastor? But I didn’t take it to heart thinking she was innocent.” She turned to Pastor Helen, “I was so foolish to have trusted her. Why is it always a dear friend that betrays a friend? Why?”

“Even Judas Iscariot, one of Jesus’ disciples betrayed him. Demas, a fellow missionary also forsook Apostle Paul. It is only God who knows the hearts of men.” Pastor Matthew added.

Peter adjusted his leg and shifted on the chair to ease his pain, “Something came over me and I began to complain about every action my wife took then. She lived in Buenos Aires then and started selling her dubious business ideas to me and I yielded to her juicy offers. One of the options left for me then was to leave my wife and a baby boy. My greed also played a part of my downward journey away from God and my family. Though, my wife and I have been having marital conflicts before Josephine came on board, my decision to accept her compounded my family crisis. Our relationship was always on and off because of our business partners. Another regret was my inability to make Anne feel my presence in her life. The people I spent my time and life with finally wounded and dumped me.”

“You haven’t answered my question. Where is Josephine?” Lisa challenged him.

“She threatened to kill me and take over my properties if I don’t divorce you and marry her.”

“Why did it take her a long time to do that? Why is she asking you to marry her now?” Lisa queried him.

“Because of Anne. She has challenged Josephine never to take such decision. Anne is eighteen years and she knew the implication.”

Pastor Matthew asked him, “Where is Josephine?”

“She is around my neck and has chased me out of my house. I now live with a friend who is also wayward.”

They looked at one another surprisingly. Pastor Helen then probed further,

“Who is the owner of the house?”

Peter stared at the television before responding, “I borrowed money to buy the house and she also helped me to secure the loan.”

Lisa shook her head in pity but Pastor Matthew observed a mark on his left hand,

“What’s the sign on your left hand?”

Peter gazed at it for some seconds and shared his experience.

“Josephine took me to a man not too far from here. He told me to release the most precious thing in my life to secure my destiny that’s tearing apart. I didn’t understand what he did on my body until we got home that day…”

“What precious thing did you release to him?” Pastor Helen asked anxiously.

Peter was unable to say anything when he saw their facial expressions. Lisa pleaded with him to talk

“My daughter!”

“Which daughter?” Lisa cried out.

“Our daughter, Anne but…”

“But what? You want to sacrifice your only daughter? You are a wicked person.” Lisa shouted.

“Josephine is the wicked person. She wanted to ruin my life because of greed.”

Pastor Matthew asked him what happened thereafter.

“He told me that Anne belongs to a precious group surrounded by wall of fire and untouchable.” Peter said with trembling voice.

“Hallelujah!” Pastor Helen shouted with joy.

Pastor Matthew wanted him to confess everything about his experience there.

“Who now replaced her? I mean, who took her place?”

“I’m in trouble. Josephine pushed me into it and I’m trapped. I have been given two weeks to find a substitute, or else I will die.” He lamented.

“Don’t worry. There’s a substitute and you won’t die. ” Pastor Matthew said.

“I have five days left. The person must be precious to me.”

“Pastor, none of us will die for him. Let him pay for his own sins.” Lisa declared with fear.

“Peter, you will not die. A saviour has died for you in order not to die. Jesus Christ is our perfect substitute who is worthy to pay our heavy debts. No matter what the man or Josephine has done, you can run to Jesus Christ now for your salvation and deliverance.” Pastor Matthew admonished.

Lisa wondered why Josephine was after him and ready to destroy his family. Pastor Matthew quoted John 10 verse 10,

“The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”

Mr Peter, Josephine is out to steal your joy, kill your destiny and every good thing in your life and to destroy your present and the future here and in eternity.. You need Jesus Christ now!”

Peter rested his head on his hand as he thought deeply on what the Pastor had shared with him. He was about to reveal more about Josephine when his phone rang. He informed them that it was a call from Josephine but the Pastor asked him to put it on speaker,

“Pascal, your …

To be continued in Episode 43.


Olumide Fatunsin

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