DATE: 28:11:2021


We have established that new dimension is the journeying into the fullness of your potential and your inbuilt capacity.

We have also established that new dimension is the unveiling of another side of you.
To every side you know about yourself, there is another side of you.

We also established that new dimension is a call to function in a domain that reflects a greater fair of influence and greatness.

We also established that new dimension are the expression of the invisible in our human actions.

When we take actions, there are invisible hands assisting us to accomplish our intent .

We also established that new dimensions are accelerated journey in immortal realms for unimaginable results.

We also established that new dimension is the dymistifying of spiritual mysteries for mortal assimilation and consumption.

New dimension is not a gift you enter into, new dimension is generated by a deliberate, cultivated, spiritual, mental and tactical intensity.

New dimension are entered by battle ready mentality.
New dimension are experienced by time tested destiny veterans.

To step into new dimensions of your destiny, you must wear the garment of warfare and develop the stamina of a warrior.

If you are not a man given to warfare, you cannot enter your welfare.

It is warfare that guarantees your welfare.
New dimension is experienced by battle ready minded people.


  1. It is the battle to engage the principles for new dimensions.

Every new dimension is a product of a principle a man adhere to
Principles are the rules by which a person chooses to govern his life.

Principles are the truth that regulates conducts and instigates actions.

The bible is a summary of God’s principles that guarantees new dimensions when men adhear to it.

For new dimension to be experienced in your life, you must be a practitioner of scriptures.
Where principles are adhear to, men become principalities.


  1. Having a personal revelation of who Jesus is.
    The opening of your eyes to know Jesus, is the opening of new dimensions.(Galatians 1:15

It is what you know that you show.
The knowledge of Jesus opens you up to the depths that are locked up in Elohim.
Our reaction is based on our revelation.

Personal revelation is not about following and coming to church, the question is do you know him?

If your coming to church doesn’t bring you to a point where you meet him then you have wasted an existence.

Personal revelation of Jesus determines your outcome in this kingdom.
Every knowledge of Christ will be tested.

The day you know him, you will know him in his principles.
Who ever you are, Jesus is real.

  1. Knowing about the law of life.
    Anything holding you down is a law and it takes another law to move you into new dimensions.
    To shift in financial dimensions, you must shift on your giving. In this service.

The battle for the enforcement of your commanded word.

The word of God has no profit to you until it is commanded.
The pronounced word has ability because it is from God, but the commanded word carries ability because it is commanded.

For the word to be tangible, it must be carried from commanded to enforcement.

Enforcement is the responsibility of the recepient of the word.( Luke 5:5
If you don’t enforce the word, you will never enter some dimensions of scriptures.

Of you are not ready to take actions, forget about manifestation.
You must act in the direction of your manifestation.
There are things you will never see untill you take actions.

Enforcement means being accountable for the successful execution of your assignment.(John 2:4-5

Enforcement is knowing the right thing to do at the right time.

There is no enforcement without responsibility.

Enforcement is activating your dominant nature.
Enforcement is corporation with the word of God to provoke all he promised to come to pass.


  1. There is the unleashing of destiny helpers.
    There is nobody that has become somebody without someone coming into he or her life.(Psalms 105:18

The answer to your enforcement is the release of destiny helpers.

Anytime God goes forth, it is man that shows up.

Every man’s vacation and profession assumes a provisional level by the appearance of a person.

It is in God to proclaim, man to command and the recipient to enforce.

  1. We get vengeance.
    When the word is commanded, vengeance comes on his enemies.

There is no manifestation of a commanded word without vengeance. ( Deuteronomy 32:35

House hold wickedness is the power that brings civil war in a home.(Genesis 27:5-9

Vengeance comes when we enforce our commanded word.

How do I enforce my commanded word??

  1. My connecting to your sent man.
    When ever life becomes tight, carry a battle seed.

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