The Appointed Time – Pst. E.A Adeboye

November 2021 Divine Encounter Bible Text: Genesis 8:20-22 Harvest must come. It is a settled matter. It is by the decree of the Most High.Galatians 6:7Once God speaks, it is settled. Harvest time depends on certain things; Quality of the seed sown. Quality determines when the appointed time will come. The cheaper the seed, the…… Continue reading The Appointed Time – Pst. E.A Adeboye

Words From The Father’s [8/11/2021]

“Don’t go through life letting other people put their names on you. They’ll try to name you addicted, struggling, but God names you free, whole, clean. They will name you average, mediocre, limited. God names you exceptional, one of a kind, masterpiece. People may name you washed up, too many mistakes, but God names you…… Continue reading Words From The Father’s [8/11/2021]