Breaking new dimensions – Apostle Joshua Talena

Text: Psalms 103:7


  1. New dimensions are the expression of the invisible in our human actions.

The essence of God that must be experienced, one must go into that invincible realm to convert it into physical realms and realities.

The names of God in the bible are names to become tangible, human actions must be carried.

God could not manifest provisions, until Isaac was taking to the altar as an action step.
When we take certain actions, invincible capabilities are released on your human actions.

Human actions provokes the invincible.
Dimensions simply means realms.

  1. New dimensions are divine depths made available and accessable to human actions.
    God is deep and his depths are inexcusable.

You can’t enter the depths of God and be normal.
Anytime instructions are complied, dimensions are unvield.

  1. New dimensions is operating in a better space that indicates the release of higher grace.

Men of grace don’t struggle where God is helping them.
Grace is the power of God that delivers you from the consequences of sin and failure.
No man accesses higher dimensions without grace.

Grace is when God puts mercy on overdrive.

  1. New dimensions is a journey into the fullness of your potential and inbuilt capacity.
    Space is not about location alone but about spiritual atmosphere.
    When you understand what you where born to achieve, you will enter new dimensions.
  2. New dimensions is the revealing of another side to you.
    There is something more you can do that you have not yet done.
  3. New dimensions is the unveiling of inner beauties and abilities inside of you.
    If you don’t break into new dimensions, you will be absolute.
    There are places you are that limits your progress.
  4. The womb
    New dimensions is the embarrassing of responsibility.
  5. The egg.
    The dimensions bis not a free gift, but it’s when you take responsibility of your destiny.
    Stranded ness in life can be broken by anger.
    Sometimes God wants you to be helpless so that he can help you. Deuteronomy 32:10

Some strandedness are sponsored by God.

How to know you are called into new dimensions.

  1. When you begin to observe helplessness.
    Restlessness is a sign that a new dimension is calling on you.

Always take advantage of restlessness
Restlessness is an energy sent by God to move you to your next level.

Restlessness will give you dimensions into new levels.

How do I know my new dimension is here.

  1. Through rejection and opposition.
    Some rejections are your promotion to your new dimensions.
    Rejection is the sponsor of new levels
    Direction is the child of rejection.
  1. By frustration and disatisfaction .
    The reason for smallness is satisfaction.
    Frustration is a proof of unused potential.
    Whenever you get frustrated, change in gear but in your prayer life, giving life and fasting life.

Use your frustration as a means to the next level of your house.

Never abandon yourself because you’re frustrated.

  1. When there is hunger and passion for more.

Any dimension you’re, something is beckoning on you.
The level of your dimension is at the level of your hunger.

Hunger prepares a man to journey into new dimensions.
Where hunger is lacking, life is empty.
Where there is hunger, there is achievement.

New dimensions answers to hunger.

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