Supernatural Supply – Apostle Nanzi Tali

Text: Genesis 21:14

God is not limited by Economic situations that face man. Man’s clinical point is God’s breakthrough point, your exit point is God’s entry point!!

You carry the blood of Jesus and because of that DNA you carry, God will not allow you perish in Jesus name!

God’s supply is always more than our demand!

Phillipians 4:19
God doesn’t need to start manufacturing your needs, He just needs you to ask for it and He shall supply your needs, according to His riches in Glory!!

Your demand can never be bigger than God’s supply. Never be too timid to demand Big things from God because He is a Big God!

You’re looking for what to satisfy you temporarily but God wants to satisfy you for your generations!

Your supply is on the way!!

If water can come out of a rock, your supply can come out of anywhere!!

Just like Moses struck the Rock and water came out of a dry rock!
Out of your dryness, God is going to bring out surplus, sweetness, Abundance!!!

You may have been through hell and high waters! But your season has come to put an end to all the sufferings, Abundance will find you in Jesus name!

*As long as the Vine is connected to the branch, it will never lack supply *
John 15:5

So far, as you are connected to God, you will never lack, Abundance, He will show up for you!!
Supply is coming your way, Abundance in heaven and earth is locating you!!!

God’s provision is never limited and can never be affected by human factors!! Because God is a God of abundance!

Prophecy can break laws, can overhaul protocols, can change the order of the day!

*How do I access divine supply *
Hebrew 11:6
You have to exercise faith and your faith can not afford to fail!!
Remember If only your faith be as small as a mustard see you will move mountains.

  1. Your praise: Always praise God!!
    When you pray you make request of God, but when you praise, you are establishing the result already!!
    If you can praise God in pain, God will reward you in gains!!
  2. The word of your mouth
    Proverbs 12:13
    You are a divine being and you can not afford to speak anyhow! You have to be very conscious of the words that leave your mouth as they can be manifested in your life, so speak positive words out of your mouth, what you say is what you see!!

Mind your words!
Even God made the world and everything in it by His words!

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