Covenant obligation for the next level – Apostle Joshua Talena

(First service) Middle belt service with Apostle Joshua Talena and prophet Seth BaahDate: 24:10:2021

Text: Psalms 29:4


The person who is connected to God by covenant is not permitted to be stagnated in life, every believer is designed for continuous progress.

Every next level requires responsibility and higher effort. You cannot behave like
A boy and be committed with the responsibility of a man.
Your seriousness determines your gloriousness. Your proof of responsibility is maturity.
The responsibility of a president is higher than the responsibility of the governor.

What are the covenant responsibilities for next level??

  1. The voice of God.
    The voice of God is the trigger for next level.
    The voice of changes a man’s level.(Genesis 12:1, Genesis 26: 11-14

Who are they people that hear God’s voice?

  1. People that have value for God’s word.
    The word of God is the container of the voice of God.(Psalm 29:3, Ephesians 5:26
    Any man that has the word of God, has the voice of God.
  2. God will speak where he is Lord
    God doesn’t speak because he is God, he speaks because he is Lord. Deuteronomy 1:6

He is the God of the universe yet not every body hears his voice.
God is who you worship, lord is who you obey.

His godship is who you worship, but his lordship is who you obey.
God only speaks to those who make him lord.

If you want to continuously hear God’s voice, you must continuously obey his word.

  1. God speaks to those who expects to hear.
    There is knowledge in steadiness and revelation in quietness.(psalm 46:10
  2. Dogged and rugged discipline.
    No life can move to the next level without discipline.
    Until you’re engaged on discipline work, you will never partake in next level, discipline requires focus.( Proverbs 24:27

Never put enjoyment ahead of endurance.
To be disciplined, means to endure today’s pain in order to enjoy tomorrow’s gain. Never put comfort ahead of impact.

  1. Improve on your assignment.
    Work prepares you for your assignment, work doesn’t bless you, but rather your assignment does.
    Your assignment is the problem you were born to solve.

What are the things to know about assignment??

  1. Your assignment determines your promotion.
  2. Your assignment determines your supply.

To move to the next level, you must grow in your skills.
There is always something about ourselves we can improve on.
Learning expands your view point.(1kings4:29-32

Whenever you are giving an assignment, make sure you dominate in that assignment.

When we say improve in your assignment, we are saying perform your assignment with sharpness and intensification.

  1. Adhere to covenant detail’s.
    The covenant is not a talk, the covenant is an action.
    Adhering to the covenant detail’s and working on them takes you to the next level.
    You must be gracious in rebuke.

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