The God of abundance is a limitless God! – Pastor Winner Idachaba

Text: John 10:10

Three keys to Abundance

Text: John 10:10, Ephesians 3:20

Philippians 4:19

Understand that the first place to always run to, is to Jesus that has come to give you abundant life. Jesus that has come to give you riches in glory.

You are connected to a source that never runs dry which is Jesus. Jesus is the giver of Abundance and you need to connect to it to tap from that abundance!

First key to abundance: Psalm 46:4
The first key to enjoy this abundance is to be Connected to the river of God. When your are connected to the river of God, you’re connected to many channels of blessings.

Text: Genesis 2:10-14. You need to receive Jesus and keep handing over your affairs to the river source which is Jesus, you will begin to enjoy abundance. Text: psalm 92 :13

God is always committed to the people that are planted in the house of God and in Him. Once you’re connected to the river of life, blessings and abundance will always find you!

  1. The second key is Consistent giving
    Text: Luke 6:38

When you give, you position your self perfectly for abundance. Malachi 3:10
When God opens the windows of blessings for you, it begins to come down in abundance, you also have to have the life of consistent giving to access this. More than ever before you can’t give up on your giving life and you have to be more consistent in giving.

  1. A life of thanksgiving
    Text: Jeremiah 30:19 Thanksgiving is very important if you want to live a life of Abundance.
    John 6:9-11.
    Live in thanksgiving and you will be better positioned and opened up to the supply system of heaven.
    Genesis 12:2
    God will give you abundance in your life so that you can be a blessing to your environment and people around you.

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