The covenant of exemption – Apostle Joshua Talena

Text: Psalm 89:34-36
Date: 03:10:2021

Covenant is the platform for every spiritual relationship God enters with man.

Your relationship only assumes spirituality on the platform of the covenant. The basis in which God related with the children of Israel was on the basis of the covenant.(Exodus 2:24

The covenant is fraternizing with God to an extent you download God’s strength into your weakness.(Deuteronomy 1:11

Your emotion and how you feel doesn’t move God, it is your covenant with him that moves him.

Any day you become a Sunday Christian, get ready to be stagnated because it shows you have no regards for the covenant. Covenant is work, it’s not what you enter and relax.

The covenant assist us give God his rightful place in our lives. Nothing makes the way of a man successful like the engagement of the covenant.

Without the covenant you won’t be able to rise above your weaknesses. Many think they’re working with God but actually they’re working alone.(Ecclesiastes 4:10

Without the covenant you will lack the supernatural in your life. Covenant is operation beyond the natural. The almightiness of God is displayed on the grounds of the covenant. To be in covenant is for God to mind you in every area of your dealings.

The covenant attracts heaven’s quick response. The supernatural is the place where God announces himself to man and this can only be made possible through the gates of the covenant.

The covenant carries not just the supernatural but also carries with it the force of exemption.(Exodus 8:20, Genesis 9:9, Deuteronomy 4:31, Isaiah 4:5

What are the areas of exemption the covenant enforces??

  1. The covenant enforces the exemption from negative circumstances.(Genesis 26:1, Genesis 47:13
  2. The covenant exempts you from chronic poverty.(Genesis 15:18, Genesis 24:1
  3. The covenant exempts you from prolonged afflictions.(Exodus 2:24
  4. The covenant exempts you from every experience of evil and darkness. (Exodus 19:5

How do we enforce the covenant of exemption?

Covenant of exemption doesn’t happen because you’re a member of a church or born again. Covenant must be consciously entered and one of the ways in which the covenant is entered is by the spilling of the blood.(I kings 3:3

Men who walk with the covenant, walk in the part of inconvenience. The things that move the spirit realm are the things you do through the gates of sacrifice. Your sacrifice is not sacrifice until it is inconvenient. Never approach God out of convenience.

Sacrifice is the key that opens the gate of the covenant over your life.

Every level is calling you but can only be activated through the covenant. Breaking the covenant is worst than not entering it at all.

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