BE PATIENT, GOD IS WORKING (1) – Apostle Joshua Talena

(Jeremiah 29:11) For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, Thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end

Patient, one of the fruit of the Holy Spirit is a virtue. Beloved, there is no disputing that a Christian ought to be patient. During one of the days at an international convention of about 50,000 people, it was time for lunch and people were being served. A man saw that people were being served beside him left and right, but they were not serving him. He shouted at the ladies serving and they told him to be patient that there is enough food for everybody. He watched angrily as the next lady passed the tray of food left and right it did not get to him. Most annoying to him was that the high table had more than enough.

A day before that he was told that there is a curse in his family lineage that had prevented good things from coming to them. And he had just listened to a message “the kingdom of God suffereth violent and only the violent taketh it by force”. When he saw another lady carrying a tray containing rice and stew, he stood up angrily and dragged the tray to take the food by force. Suddenly, the whole tray containing about 4 plates of rice and stew landed on his cloth as he dragged the tray from the lady’s hands. His cloth was stained, soiled and spoilt. All eyes were on him as he humbly sat quietly, pitiably and shamefully.

Suddenly, he was called to the high table because his company had penciled him down as their resource person for the convention, following the fact that their much awaited person did not turn up. He could not stand up to take his position at the high table. It was a complete show of shame and a reward for impatience.

Many of us feel that others are already “eating”, ahead, successful, famous, and popular and we are yet to be served our own ‘food’ and are being tempted to ‘drag the tray’ and take our own food by force. If you drag the tray, you will surely get shame as reward. Do not drag the tray, the one serving the food is God. He has your own plate of food and He knows when to give you your own food, perhaps, at the high table. Be patient.

Meditation: The one serving the food is God. He has your own plate of food and He knows when to give you your own food, perhaps, at the high table.

RM: The Fruit of the Spirit

Prayer: Father, give me patience to wait on my own God’s appointed time. May I not drag the tray and spill stew on my cloth. Let me always know that your time is the best for me in Jesus name, Amen.

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