THE GENERATION THAT LOST HER VOICE – Evangelist Ikechukwu Peter Nnajiofor

Sometimes we say there are no more men of God, true men of God are scarce. No, this is not true. In all most every generation, the number of true men of God are more than the fake…..the only trouble is that the silence of true men has made it look like the fake are more in number. Let me shock you, do you know that the number of true men of God in Nigeria far out numbers that of charlatans? This is true and worthy of affirmation.

What then is the problem?

The problem is that the true men of God are hidden in the pit of SILENCE. Some are among the ones that will religiously and sanctimoniously tell you that you are dragging the Church to public whenever you call out a charlatan. People, calling out charlatans is not in anyway dragging the body of Christ to the mud, rather it is a way of showing the world that the Church is the pillar of truth and will never conceal evil…..we denounce evil. Jesus would have been accused of same when he flogged out charlatans from the temple. When we expose thieves, we are simply clearing our father’s house of hoodlums.

In the days of Elijah there where 7.000 prophets who were genuine yet it was the prophets of Baal that were heard of even though there were less than 500. The reason is because the other 7.000 were in the club of Judge not, leave it for God, don’t drag the Church to the public etc. Well, thank God for Elijah, he stood out…challenged the charlatans and judged them…..he didn’t give ear to those crabs brethren use to vomit…..he repaired the altar, he dragged the thieves out. Revival was the result of his action……we talk so much about revival yet we want to spare the institution thievery, crooks, Mafians and occultic men. How can we take delivery of revival this way???

It is also worthy of note that these charlatans live a very luxurious life and they sponsor such life style by manipulating the minds of gullible believers. It is our money that sponsors their luxury. It may interest you to know that some of them will have to keep sleeping with married women so as to sustain their charms…..these fellows aren’t part of us oh. May this not happen to you before your eyes will get open…..that’s my prayer for you.

Our generation is as confused as that Elijah’s generation…..’ How long will you be between two opinions….’ they didn’t know who is who, they mixed up everything, they celebrated Ezemuos as papas….they invited occultic men to lay hands on their children….the true altar had been pulled down…..yet there were 7000 holy men in that generation. 7000 holy men who had no voice again….are you not like that? Are you sure you are not like that?

What our generation needs urgently is to have men like Elijah who will fear no corrupt system. What our generation needs is have anointed men like Elijah who will call down fire, show superior move of God to what these magicians have been presenting. Without power the ministry of exposing and evicting the prophets of Baal will not be possible. We need POWER and raw FIRE 🔥

Are you an Elijah or you are part of the 7.000???

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